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posted on 2018-12-09 16:35:13

I'd like to announce a long pause from producing and remixing music, painting and social networking. I apologize for not having nor time nor idea for new content. Futhermore the future of social media is doubtful. I don't know, which platform(s) can be used to promote uncommercial content in a proper way without pushing hashtags, likes and content to the limit. I am not keen on producing large amounts of average content to keep up the pace. Nevertheless, my youtube channel will be updated weekly my whole discography including unreleased songs and never promoted remixes. Be sure to follow my channel. Special content will be promoted via facebook. If there will be some great news in some months or years, I'll let you know via all platforms. Enjoy your christmas time!

 New single Dramatic Ocean

posted on 2017-03-08 14:03:07

On march 15th my 3rd single will be available on online stores. Dramatic Ocean is an epic and uplifting trance song released by the German trance indie label Vectiva Recordings. Otto Uplifting made a powerful uplifting trance hymn out of it wherease Joseph Di Mind offers a liquid drum and bass remix. Previews will be presented at Soundcloud and Facebook in the upcomming days and weeks.

Picture by Vectiva Recordings

 Youtube Channel

posted on 2017-01-20 19:00:00

I've opened a youtube channel. My discography, previously unreleased songs and remixes will follow in the next weeks and months. I also plan to upload some speedpaints there. My paintings and photographs will be uploaded on instagram. Be sure to check both social media profiles as they show different contents. Facebook will still be the main source of information.

 Two Remix Releases

posted on 2015-12-13 18:00:00

It has been a while since my last remixes, but today I have to announce two fabulous and brand new remix releases. Be sure to check these out.

The first one is On The Run, originally an indie pop song by Parklake which was released on their Terraforming debut EP. I have contributed an synth-pop / electro-pop remix to their remix EP. You can listen to the whole EP at the Soundcloud profile of Emerald & Doreen.

Picture by Emerald & Doreen.

The other remix is also a contribution to a remix EP, but on Vectica Recordings. My remix of One Moment For A Teardrop will be released on December 15th together with remixes of Third Harmonic, Trissed and Luca de Maas. The song is an uplifting trance anthem with dramatic vocals written by Sonority SLB and Stuart Allen.

Picture by Vectiva Recordings

 Lost Letter - Out now

posted on 2014-06-22 15:40:00

My second single Lost Letter is finally released on several mp3 online stores all around the world. You can also stream it via Spotify. Furthermore, here the official information and cover from Davino Records:

A song about love... this is LOST LETTER, an emotional vocal house tune by the songwriter, producer and remixer Nadine de Macedo together with the great and aspiring pop, rock and house singer Lys-Jane, who is already well-known from many other releases at Davino Records. The diversified remix package of the melodic masterpiece includes remixes from Thomas You, Terry Sykes, 24|7, Naviára and STJ, ranging from dance pop, vocal trance through electro house to ambient.

I would like to thank the label Davino Records, the remixers, all supporters and you.

 2nd single Lost Letter

posted on 2014-05-28 21:00:00

The Austrian House label Davino Records and I are proud to announce that my second single "Lost Letter" will be available on June 22, 2014.
Lost Letter is a fresh Vocal House tune I wrote together with the singer and songwriter Lys-Jane. The release includes 8 gorgeous remixes ranging from Trance over Ambient to Electro House.
Previews will be presented at Soundcloud and Facebook in the upcomming days and weeks.

 The Awakening - Out now

posted on 2014-02-20 14:25:03

My epic trance debut single The Awakening has been released on the German trance label Vectiva Recordings. The song is now available at several mp3 online stores. The single includes 4 remixes done by JayB, Dreameye and Eyonics, reaching from epic trance and classic trance to current club trance. The previews are online at my soundcloud profile. As usual, the complete tracklisting and some buy links can be found on my website filed under singles.

I would like to thank the label Vectiva Recordings, the remixers, all supporters and you.

Picture by Vectiva Recordings