The Verge

The Verge is an alternative rock internet band project, founded in 2007. The band consists of three members with diversified musical background. Horace came from alternative rock and punk rock, whereas ibzstrat contributes with his blues and classic rock background. My songwriting came from pop and alternative rock. This leads to a diversified and powerful genre mix we simply call alternative rock.
All members write and record songs and albums at home. The lyrics basically consist of mind games. You can download our stuff in our discography, SoundCloud, Reverbnation or Myownmusic for free. We are looking forward to comments, likes and reviews.

The Verge are:
Nadine: songwriting, production, arrangement, synthesizer, programming, illustration
Horace: songwriting, vocals, guitars, bass, arrangement
ibzstrat: songwriting, guitars, arrangement, programming

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Latest Release

The Verge - Back In Town

Release Date: 27/12/2020
Genres: Punk Rock, Melodic Hardcore
Songwriting: Horace D.
Arrangement: Horace D., Nadine de Macedo
Production: Nadine de Macedo
Instruments: Horace D. (guitars, bass)
Programming: ibzstrat (drums)
Vocals: Horace D.
Lyrics: Horace D.

01. Back In Town (03:10) 💾
The Verge - Back In Town
Turn your amp on, smash guitars - The Verge is back in town! We finish 2020 with punk rock song bursting with self-irony. Let's get loud!

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