STJ feat. LiBa - She Believes

Release Date: 10/08/2012
Label: Davino Records
Genre(s): Lounge > Trip Hop
Producer(s): Nadine de Macedo
Songwriter(s): STJ, LiBa
Singer(s): LiBa
Lyricist(s): LiBa

01. Radio Version (03:42)
02. Aaron The Baron Lost In Space Mix (07:50)
03. Asymmetric Down And Dirty Mix (06:40)
04. Lazy Hammock Sunset Chill Mix (05:25)
05. Aaron The Baron Chill Club Mix (07:58)
06. Nadine de Macedo Remix (05:50)
07. STJ Beatcoast Mix (04:21)
08. Aaron The Baron Chill Lounge Mix (06:52)
09. Lap Project Remix (06:02)
STJ feat. LiBa - She Believes
Atmospheric sounds combined with the wonderful voice of the Austrian singer LiBa make this production a stunning piece of music. The Austrian producer STJ who is well-known around the world for his soulful house and lounge sounds, shows again his broad experience in different musical genres.
HipHop, Jazz, Lounge and many other genres are the home of LiBa who entices us with thoughtful lyrics and her fantastic voice and make this song rather special.
The huge remix package includes remixes by Aaron The Baron, Asymmetric, Lazy Hammock, Nadine de Macedo, LAP Project and STJ himself.

Text and artwork by Davino Records and LiBa. I'd like to thank Davino Recoeds and LiBa for letting me remix and release this song. It was great to work with these vocals.

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Katsy Redstar - Winter Snow

Release Date: 20/10/2011
Label: RedStar Records
Instrumentalist(s): Katsy Redstar (guitars)
Genre(s): Country Pop > Indietronica
Producer(s): Nadine de Macedo, Katsy Redstar
Songwriter(s): Katsy Redstar, Nadine de Macedo

01. Album Edit (03:59)
02. Nadine de Macedo Trance Remix (03:30)
Katsy Redstar - Winter Snow
This remix is called "Trance Remix" though its style reminds me of indietronica or LoFi pop music.

I'd like to thank Katsy Redstar for letting me remix his song "Winter Snow" of his album "Beautiful Life". It was fun to work with acoustic and handmade stems. This remix was remixed by his secondn band Parklake.

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