• Nadine de Macedo & Berni Armstrong - No Time For Blues
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    No Time For Blues

    A blues song about being broke. Or a song about a blues musician, who literally has no time for blues? It’s up to you. I didn’t expect this one to grow into an international jam session, and it’s been fun.

  • Nadine de Macedo - Quarterlife Blues Album
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    New album “Quarterlife Blues” available

    My new album “Quarterlife Blues” is now available on Bandcamp. It contains all the blues, jazz and soul songs of the last two years that were recorded in international collaborations. The album deals with quarterlife crisis and typical challenges of young people, especially millennials. Of course, rock is also a part of it.

  • Nadine de Macedo feat. David Taro - Quarterlife Blues
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    Stuck in the Quarterlife Blues

    The quarter-life crisis is real. Young people who just have finished school or university, get their first job, long-term relationship or housing and keep on asking: Is this it?! Scared, lonely and utterly confused about which steps to take to adulthood, they are stuck taking important decisions on their life. That’s what our song “Quarterlife Blues” is about.