Nadine de Macedo & Jean Hébert - Blackout
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Blackout – Searching for enlightment

I couldn’t resist the pun. Our song “Blackout” is not only about the absence of electricity but also about a search for self.

As a matter of fact, this song has been composed during a blackout. Unfortunately, I could only record when the lights went back. I don’t know what made me call it “blackout”, but it inspired Jean to write about a journey through Canada as a journey to self. Some of you may have listening to that song on my album “Quarterlife Blues”. If not, it’s time for YouTube or SoundCloud.

Nadine de Macedo & Jean Hébert - Blackout
Nadine de Macedo & Jean Hébert – Blackout

This song is special to me because I recorded the whole backing track on my own. You will never guess the guitar I played.

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