Plenty of songs are results of online collaborations with talented session musicians and songwriters from all around the world. As a multi-genre artist, I compose, arrange and produce multiple genres in between pop, rock, metal progressive, blues and electro. I’m instantly looking for instrumentalists and vocalists to finish my projects, collaborate or start from scratch.

Open projects

I am all piled up with musical projects, so I won’t be able to start new songs, collaborate or remix until the end this year. This list contains the missing roles of running projects. Feel free to contact me via mail or social media if you’re interested. Please bookmark this site and check it monthly, if you want to help me on my future projects.
Last update, August 2023.

KeywordGenreRoleRange / TuningTechniqueDescriptionStatus
DriveRock’n’RollElectric GuitarE-StandardBarrĂ© / StaccatoWe need a rhythm- and lead guitarist for a fast rock’n’roll song. Tabs available, and the rest of the band is


Most songs are written for intermediate to semi-professional level. Our lyrics are always written in English. You should be able to read chord sheets, play on click and record with proper microphones. In some cases, I can provide tabs or sheet music. I can deal with direct input stems of electric guitars and bass. Home recording equipment with low noise is good enough. Just ask if you’re not sure about that. Our communication is in German or English.

It’s all about learning and having a good time together. I don’t earn money with music and I don’t hire. My goal is to upload the songs onto SoundCloud, YouTube and Bandcamp. Please let me know as early as possible if you have other plans.