Sometimes, I’m involved as producer, arranger, lyricist or composer in some other musical projects. Please read the credits in the songs and releases below.

Garrett Kirby, Nelson Jenkins, Jamie May - Sitting On The Edge Of The Blues

Release Date: 25/09/2022
Genres: Blues
Songwriting: Garrett Kirby, Nelson Jenkins, Jamie May
Arrangement: Garrett Kirby, Nadine de Macedo
Production: Nadine de Macedo
Instruments: Garrett Kirby (guitars, bass), Nelson Jenkins (blues harp), Nadine de Macedo (organ)
Programming: Nadine de Macedo (drums)
Vocals: Nelson Jenkins
Lyrics: Garrett Kirby, Nelson Jenkins, Jamie May

01. Sitting On The Edge Of The Blues (02:43)

This blues song caught me right after listening. It stuck in my head, but something was missing. Thanks for letting me add a drum track, an organ and mixing it. It has been fun to work on such a cool song.

Thanks you, Garrett Kirby, Nelson Jenkins and Jamie May for letting me work on your song. You guys got the blues!

Jeff Walker - Workaholic Country Blues

Release Date: 26/08/2022
Genres: Alternative Country, Americana
Songwriting: Jeff Walker
Arrangement: Jeff Walker
Production: Jeff Walker
Programming: Jeff Walker
Vocals: Jeff Walker
Lyrics: Nancy Cunningham, Nadine de Macedo

01. Workaholic Country Blues (03:20)

Jeff turned Nancy's and my lyrics into an alternative country song. The lyrics are about a person, who identifies with work. What shall they do without work? A bit tongue-in-cheek.

Thank you, Jeff Walker and Nancy Cunningham for collaborating and realising this song!

MoM Skype Project - Truth

Release Date: 12/04/2022
Genres: Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal
Songwriting: Nadine de Macedo, Lionwolf, Tom Wolf, Princess Emilia Records, The Eye, Lemonbrew, Marquette
Arrangement: Nadine de Macedo
Production: Nadine de Macedo
Instruments: Lionwolf (electric guitars, fretless bass, e-bass), Tom Wolf (acoustic guitars, e-bass), Princess Emilia Records (piano), The Eye (synthesizer), Marquette (organ), Nadine de Macedo (piano)
Programming: Princess Emilia Records (flute, cello, orchestra), Marquette (strings, choir, brasses), Nadine de Macedo (strings, flute, drums), Tom Wolf (piano, una corda), Lionwolf (drums, piano), The Eye (synthesizer, sounddesign), Lemonbrew (strings, acoustic guitar)
Vocals: Tom Wolf, Lionwolf, Princess Emilia Records
Lyrics: Nadine de Macedo, Tom Wolf, Lionwolf, Princess Emilia Records

01. Truth (10:32)
MoM Skype Project - Truth
Eight musicians teamed up to compose and arrange a song about the meaning of truth. It is a very complex song consisting of multiple chapters, genres and moods.

Thanks to all who participated in this incredible project for so many months!

Kurtis Kanttila - Nunavut Gold Rush

Release Date: 01/03/2022
Genres: Classic Rock
Songwriting: Kurtis Kanttila
Arrangement: Kurtis Kanttila
Production: Kurtis Kanttila
Instruments: Kurtis Kanttila (drums, bass, guitar)
Vocals: Kurtis Kanttila, Fuzzy, Love On A Mixtape, Candle, Vom Vorton, Simon, Nadine de Macedo, Silver Machine, Cola, Matt, Brian
Lyrics: Kurtis Kanttila

01. Nunavut Gold Rush (11:05)
Kurtis Kanttila - Nunavut Gold Rush
Kurtis' mini radioplay about a group of adventurers seeking for gold. A classic rock opera with tons of speakers and singers. Definitely worth a listen!

Thank you, Kurtis, for organising and orchestrating this massive collaboration. It's been so much fun to work together with so many musicians and actors.

Buy song at

Seppo - The World's Most Simplest Man

Release Date: 18/02/2022
Genres: Ska, Alternative Rock
Songwriting: Seppo
Arrangement: Seppo
Production: Seppo
Instruments: Seppo (bass, guitars, synthesizer)
Programming: Seppo (drums), Nadine de Macedo (brasses)
Vocals: Seppo
Lyrics: Seppo

01. The World's Most Simplest Man (03:44)

When I listened to Seppo's groovy bassline, I HAD TO add some brasses. I have no idea about ska, but we enjoy the result and the collaboration.

Thanks, Seppo, that you turned this draft into an ironic song that puts us into a good mood.

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