This site contains my released remixes. You can download or stream them at several mp3 stores or streaming portals. For the sake of a clear overview, only the biggest sources are listed.

Sonority SLB & Stuart Allen
- One Moment For A Teardrop

Release Date: 15/12/2015
Label: Vectiva Recordings
Catalogue Number: VR232
Genre(s): Trance > Trance
Producer(s): Nadine de Macedo
Songwriter(s): Ilonka Rudolph, Sonority SLB, Stuart Allen
Singer(s): Stuart Allen
Lyricist(s): Ilonka Rudolph

01. Nadine de Macedo Remix (08:33)
02. Third Harmonic Remix (09:23)
03. Trissed Dreams Remix (08:48)
04. Luca de Maas Remix (08:59)
Sonority SLB & Stuart Allen <br> - One Moment For A Teardrop
Written by Ilonka Rudolph, "One moment for a teardrop" is an expressive trance song. The remix EP is built upon the original release from 2013 (available at

The artwork was made by Vectiva Recordings. I am very pleased to be a part of this release.

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Parklake - Terraforming Remixes

Release Date: 13/11/2015
Label: Emerald & Doreen Records
Genre(s): Indie Pop, Singer-Songwriter > Electro Pop
Producer(s): Nadine de Macedo
Songwriter(s): Parklake
Lyricist(s): Parklake

01. Terraforming (Statickman Remix) (05:37)
02. Herbst (Not Afraid Rework by Kay Piranha) (08:32)
03. On the Run (Nadine de Macedo Remix) (03:54)
04. Haddonfield Illinois (Ambient Remix by Brahminy Kite) (06:31)
05. On the Run (Trapped Dub Mix by Kay Piranha) (07:59)
06. Herbst (Loom Remix) (07:20)
07. Stay Behind (Warehouse Remix By Loom) (06:50)
08. On the Run (Kay Piranha Remix) (07:59)
09. Terraforming (Dark Remix by Brahminy Kite) (03:27)
Parklake - Terraforming Remixes
The indie rock band Parklake released an album called "Terraforming". It is available on Its remixes are bundled on an EP which is released at Emerald & Doreen Records and includes plenty of interpretations and styles.

Artwork by Parklake and Emerald & Doreen Records. I'd like to thank both for the opportunity to remix and release this song.

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STJ & Lazy Hammock - Drifting Along

Release Date: 09/08/2013
Label: Davino Records
Genre(s): Lounge > Progressive Trance
Producer(s): Nadine de Macedo
Songwriter(s): STJ, Lazy Hammock
Singer(s): Lazy Hammock
Lyricist(s): STJ, Lazy Hammock

01. Original Mix (04:15)
02. Deep Tech Minimal Mix (04:11)
03. Aaron the Baron Bloody Mary Mix (08:06)
04. Sunset Club Mix (04:56)
05. Nadine de Macedo Trance Dub Mix (06:18)
06. Instrumental Version (04:48)
STJ & Lazy Hammock - Drifting Along
DRIFTING ALONG is the newest production of the Austrian music producer STJ and the British producer, singer and songwriter Lazy Hammock. Feel free to enjoy this chill house tune with nice piano melodies and the wonderful voice of Lazy Hammock.

Text and artwork by Davino Records. I'd like to thank Davino Recoeds and Lazy Hammock for letting me remix and release this song.

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Parklake - Disco Sucks

Release Date: 24/12/2012
Label: RedStar Records
Instrumentalist(s): Axel Kipphan (bass), Thorsten Vieth (bass, drum programming, other)
Genre(s): Indietronica > Indie Pop, Singer-Songwriter
Producer(s): Thomas Mattern, Thorsten Vieth
Songwriter(s): Thomas Mattern
Singer(s): Britta Gloor, Katsy Redstar
Lyricist(s): Maja Strack-Ziemkus, Detlef Hentschel, Thomas Mattern

01. Amen Sista (04:50)
02. Winter Snow (03:37)
03. Katze 1 (01:12)
04. Summer House (03:57)
05. Trust (04:00)
06. Katze 2 (01:00)
07. Selbstbegehung (05:47)
08. F6 (02:16)
09. Business Punk (05:06)
10. Katze 3 (01:24)
Parklake - Disco Sucks
Parklake is a German singer-songwriter and art project. They released their debut album "Disco Sucks". I contributed a remix / co-production of the song "Winter Snow".

I'd like to thank Parklake for letting me remix Katsy Redstars Song "Winter Snow". I like your new interpretation of my remix.

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STJ feat. Roman Wreden
- It Only Takes a Miracle

Release Date: 21/09/2012
Label: Davino Records
Instrumentalist(s): Roman Wreden (guitar)
Genre(s): House, Lounge > Electro House
Producer(s): Nadine de Macedo
Songwriter(s): STJ, Roman Wreden
Singer(s): Roman Wreden
Lyricist(s): Roman Wreden

01. Radio Mix (04:12)
02. Aaron The Baron Wake Up At Midnight Mix (05:17)
03. Nadine de Macedo Radio Mix (03:39)
04. STJ Beach Radio Mix (03:30)
05. Aaron the Baron Dreamhouse Mix (05:26)
06. Spiedkiks Remix (04:29)
07. Nadine de Macedo Club Mix (06:37)
STJ feat. Roman Wreden<br> - It Only Takes a Miracle
Singer & songwriter Roman Wreden is known for quieter folk-pop tunes rather than up-tempo dancefloor tracks. His new album "Wayfarers" will be released soon in 2012. He already toured with great acts like Cardigans, Suzanne Vega or The Beautiful South. Now he surprises with a common house project with the Austrian producer STJ called IT ONLY TAKES A MIRACLE. A diversified remix package is part of this release, starting from a funky remix of SPIEDKIKS to very different house versions by NADINE DE MACEDO, AARON THE BARON and STJ himself.

Lyrics and Artwork by Davino Records and Roman Wreden. I'd like to thank the label and Roman Wreden for beeing part of this wonderful release.

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