• Nadine de Macedo & Jordan Hirsch - Take The Black
    Music,  Release

    Take The Black – Epic medieval folk metal

    When I wrote “Pyromancer” at the beginning of 2021, I could never have guessed finding a band for fantasy and medieval inspired folk metal in a few hours. The very same band decided to record a successor called “Take The Black”. Are you ready for an epic folk metal fight?

  • Nadine de Macedo - Stir Fry!
    Music,  Release

    We cooked some STIR FRY! for you!

    New Year’s Eve is full of delicious dishes, and I can hardly tell which one is my favourite. There is a special dish that hits you differently. I chopped some beats and fried the vocals with a very tasty guitar riff. This stir-fry will hit you harder than you are able to chop veggies!

  • Nadine de Macedo, Ampersandman, Brett Anthony - Nuff Said
    Music,  Release

    Nuff Said – Everything’s been said

    Do you like nu metal? In case you thought it’s some old and forgotten music from the 2000s, it’s time to wake up. “Nuff Said” has catchy riffs, new sounds and a meaningful lyric. You have to listen to that song if you enjoyed “Where does it end?”.

  • Nadine de Macedo feat. Dirk Diamond
    Music,  Release

    Oh, sings The Wind

    A catchy phrase from my newest song, “The Wind”. This ballad has been written in a random collaboration with the Australian musician and lyricist John Nicholson, and performed by me and Dirk Diamond. A very reflective and dark song about death.