Nadine de Macedo is a multi-genre composer, songwriter, producer, arranger and lyricist from Germany. Deeply influenced by the music of the 2000s, she enjoys creating melancholic and melodic full-band arrangements since 2003. Her current focus is rock, metal, blues and progressive. She quickly made a name for herself in the industry, known for her ability to write in different genres. When mixing and arranging, Nadine creates a unique and innovative sound. She loves collaborating with musicians all around the world doing composition, arrangement and music production. In addition to her work in music, Nadine is also a talented illustrator and digital artist.


How is your name pronounced?
My first name is pronounced “nah-deen”, the last name like the country Macedonia, except for the emphasis, that lies on “ce” instead of “do”.

How can I contact you?
It’s best to write an e-mail (nadine [at] thiswebsite.com), but you can also message me at Facebook, Instagram or SoundCloud.

I don’t have much time, where can I start?
I’ve created a YouTube playlist with music recommendations based on the top 20 songs of a year.

I like your voice. Can you please sing for me?
Sorry, but I’m not a vocalist. I’m a composer, arranger and producer.

I’m a musician or producer. How can I work with you?
You can find my open projects on a page called collaborations. Even if you found nothing for now, we can stay in touch for future projects. Please let me know what you like and what you can provide.

Do you take or do remixes?
Please send me a link with your demo first and tell me about your purpose. I have to ask all people involved, before I hand out the material for remixing. No commercial releases without written agreement.

Can I use your songs for my video?
It depends on the video, its topic and purpose. Please tell me which song you want to use and where your video will be uploaded or released. The answer may take a while, because I have to ask all people involved. I don’t take requests for rated and illegal content.

I’d like to support you. Where can I help?
Here are some ideas how to support me. I cannot offer money. I’ll link, support, credit you or help you with other things.

Why can’t I find your songs on streaming services?
Currently, I am not part of a label, PRO or distribution service. Publishing international collaborations would mean much more paperwork than income. We decided to upload our music onto YouTube and SoundCloud for free. Maybe someday our reach is good enough to justify all the paperwork connected to that. If you want to support our work, feel free to donate on Bandcamp. It’s the only platform where we make our albums available in full quality. We decided against uploading singles to keep the site clean, but all songs will be available on an album when the time comes.