I’m a hobbyist music composer, songwriter, producer, remixer, illustrator and artist for more than 15 years. I do not insist on a certain style of art or music.


Nadine de Macedo – Dramatic Ocean, Vectiva Recordings, 2017
Nadine de Macedo feat. Lys-Jane – Lost Letter, Davino Records, 2014
Nadine de Macedo – The Awakening, Vectiva Recordings, 2014
Nadine de Macedo – Darkness, Düsseldorf ist ARTig 2006 Sampler, 2006

Sonority SLB & Stuart Allen – One Moment For A Teardrop, Vectiva Recordings, 2015
Parklake – On The Run (Nadine de Macedo Remix), Emerald & Doreen Records, 2015
STJ & Lazy Hammock – Drifting Along (Nadine de Macedo Trance Dub Mix), Davino Records, 2013
STJ feat. Roman Wreden – It Only Takes A Miracle (Nadine de Macedo Remix), Davino Records, 2012
STJ feat. LiBa – She Believes (Nadine de Macedo Remix), Davino Records, 2012

Nadine de Macedo – Be Yourself, Düsseldorf ist ARTig, 2005


How is your name pronounced?
Pronounce it like the country Macedonia, except for the emphasis, that lies on “ce” instead of “do”. Or simply listen to this song.

How can I contact you?
It’s best to write an e-mail (nadine[at]thiswebsite.com), but you can also message me at Facebook or Instagram. I don’t check my YouTube and SoundCloud accounts regularly.

I don’t have much time, where can I start?
I’ve created a YouTube playlist full of recommendations.

I like your voice. Can you please sing for me?
Sorry, but I’m not a singer. I’m a composer, songwriter and producer.

I’m a musician or producer. How can I work with you?
Please send me a link with your demo and tell me, what you like and what you can provide. Important note: I don’t do music for money, I do it for fun and learning! I am maxed out on collaborations until the end of 2021, but we can stay in touch, if I have something ready for you. Vocalists and instrumentalists are always welcome!

Can I remix your song?
Sure, but I must ask all people involved, before I can hand out the material. Please send me a link with your demo first and tell me about the purpose.

Can you please remix my song?
Of course, I can, but I need to listen to your previous work first. Afterwards, you can upload the stems of your song in a high quality wav format and send me the link. Do not send attachments, please. I only take commissions if the deadline is about three months in advance. If you’re planning to release this song commercially, I need a remix agreement or contract. Right now, I don’t take commissions for electronic music.

I’m searching for a song for my video. Can I use yours?
It depends on the video, its topic and purposes. Please tell me which song you want to use and where your video is about to be uploaded or released. As I need to ask all people who were involved in this particular song, so the answer can take a while. I don’t take requests for rated and illegal content.

I’d like to support you. Where can I help?
Follow my social media accounts, share links and keep commenting. I have a high demand of vocalists and instrumentalists to make my songs come to life. Besides, I am always searching for photographs for my single covers, posts and my YouTube channel in Full HD quality. I’m also lacking of instrumental background music for my speedpaintings, which should be at least five mines long. The content should be licensed CC0 or CC-BA. I cannot offer money, but I can link, support and credit you or help you with other things.

Why aren’t all of your songs available at Spotify or YouTube?
Spotify streams music which is officially released on a record label or distributor. I don’t own a record label, therefore I am not able to upload my songs there. Full albums can be downloaded or bought at Bandcamp. Not officially released songs and remixes are available on YouTube or SoundCloud, if I own the permissions. Songs of The Verge are only available on this website and our social media profiles.

When will The Verge be on tour? I’d like to see you live!
We’re sorry, but we can’t! The Verge is an online studio band. We compose and record songs in our home studios and stay connected via the internet. If you want to support us, follow us on SoundCloud, Reverbnation or Myownmusic and share our links.

Where can I read your novels and comics?
I’m sorry, but these pieces of art are only available in German. It is quite unlikely that someone will translate my novels in English and publish them. You can come and talk to me, if there is a realistic and efficient way to do so.