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Pre-order my new album “Going My Way” on Bandcamp

My brand-new studio album “Going My Way” will be released on July 1st. It’s a journey of pop, rock and metal music, containing most songs I uploaded in the last months and bonus material.

If you cannot wait until July 1st, I got some amazing news for you: The Bandcamp pre-order of “Going My Way” starts today! If you order, you can download some songs in full quality. The remaining will be shipped on July 1st in any file format you like (wav, flac, mp3 or as stream in the Bandcamp app). You only have to log in again and fetch the content. Besides 45 minutes of playing time, you’ll receive a booklet, printable inlays for jewel case and a bonus track.

About the album “Going My Way”

Sometimes it is better to close a chapter a start a new one. After publishing “Event Horizon” I decided to leave electronic music production, not knowing where my muse may take me. Not being the performing artist has been a bit bewildering for me and my followers, but I discovered my talents in composition, arrangement and lyrics in different styles of music. I’m going my way. Not matching any expectations, just do what I like. This is the context of the album title.

“Going My Way” is a wild ride from pop over rock to metal. This journey would never be possible without 23 talented musicians from all around the world who helped me to record vocals and all instruments I cannot perform. On this album, you will mostly hear me as composer, arranger, lyricist and producer – not as performer, though I played some keys here and there. Lyrically, “Going My Way” deals with inner struggles and finding back inner strength. As this album is VERY diverse, I strongly recommend listening to every song before saying that my new music doesn’t match your taste. I am sure that there is at least one song you may enjoy.

Take a look into the tracklist

You guys and girls are incredible to work with. Every song is such a gem, that I gave up on the plan of hiding some songs for album purposes. There is no song that is not worth a single! Let’s take a deeper look, what made it to the album:

  1. Wrench In The Works
  2. Pyromancer
  3. Fight For You
  4. Weight
  5. Going My Way
  6. Angel In Jeans
  7. Promises
  8. A.L.E.X.
  9. Don’t tell me if it hurts
  10. Where does it end?
  11. At Your Command

The album starts with metal, ends with metal and has some pop in between. The list of all involved artists is too lengthy to post here. Please take a look into my Bandcamp or my discography instead. But I want to say thanks to ALL of you!

Lessons learned

Changing from electronic music to handmade music is harder than I expected. Every instrument has a particular sound and range, and not every key is good to perform. It has been hard for me to reset my mind, because not every mixing technique I learned from electronic music works in the acoustic world and vice versa. New horizons opened to me as a songwriter. No restriction and boundaries in terms of key changes and time signatures. This is something I don’t want to miss. Writing songs in many genres has been so much fun, that I will continue.


  • Joseph Rubiano

    Only missing two more songs to say some final words about this one.

    However, every genre has its own challenges, every family (acoustic, electronic, etc.) has its own one too.
    But the most important thing is to understand what’s coming from inside, to tell, to create, to enjoy, but also to learn.

    Congrats for “Going my Way”!

    • Nadine

      Thank you! I’m sorry, but you have to wait until July 1st to listen to the remaining songs. Furthermore, the versions on the album are polished and mastered to the same level of loudness. The album is more than throwing some songs together, it’s been a HUGE project, and we ended up releasing nearly all songs individually, because they were too good to keep them album only.

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