Kate Stanton & Nadine de Macedo - Liminal Spaces
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Liminal Spaces – Hauntingly beautiful

Kate Stanton and I spent the last weeks with a song that is eerie and wonderful at the same time. A song about liminal spaces, where reality collides.

A liminal space is a place or a person in between two states followed by a certain ambiguity or disorientation. Think of it as the backdrop of a horror or science fiction movie, but also of a situation where you don’t know if moving backwards or forwards is the better way to go.

Kate sent me a piano and vocal draft that immediately caught my intention. I already heard a song in between Nine Inch Nails and Massive Attack. So I grabbed my synthesizers and drum machines and tried some sound design. We ended up with an eerie yet soothing industrial / trip-hop song with emotional vocals.

Kate Stanton & Nadine de Macedo - Liminal Spaces
Kate Stanton & Nadine de Macedo – Liminal Spaces

You can listen to our song on my YouTube channel or SoundCloud. It’s definitely worth taking a look into Kate’s video footage showing lost places. Thanks for the collaboration, it’s been fun to try something different.


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