You can stream and download my albums at Bandcamp. My current album “Quarterlife Blues” reflects the quarter life crisis as blues rock and acoustic jazz songs. If you’re more into pop and rock music, I recommend listening to “Going My Way” and “Something you did not know”. The other albums “Event Horizon”, “When the sun goes down” and “Trancemotion” focus on electronic music.

Nadine de Macedo - Quarterlife Blues

Release Date: 04/08/2023
Genres: Blues Rock, Blues, Acoustic Jazz, Cool Jazz, Soul, Ballad
Songwriting: Nadine de Macedo, Garrett Kirby, Dirk Diamond, Nate Gerry, Artie, Andrew Russell
Arrangement: Nadine de Macedo, David Taro, Andrew Russell, Lionwolf
Production: Nadine de Macedo
Instruments: Albert Luck (guitar), Alex Almirall (saxophone), Andrew Russell (piano, double bass, drums), David Taro (guitar), Dirk Diamond (ukulele), Garrett Kirby (guitar, bass), Josh Prewett (trombone), Jussi Nykänen (guitar), Lionwolf (guitar, bass), Mark Koschwitz (harmonica), Nadine de Macedo (piano, organ, guitar), Rich Joseph (guitar, bass), Robert Cooperider (drums), Stephan Kösters (double bass), Tom Wolf (drums)
Programming: Nadine de Macedo, Andrew Russell, Lionwolf
Vocals: Berni Armstrong, Jean Hébert, David Taro, Michael Karns, Val Cox, Lucas Maehara Rotman, Alyssa Womack, Dirk Diamond, Alex Klages, Nadine de Macedo, Kate Stanton
Lyrics: Berni Armstrong, Jean Hébert, Andrea Brennan, Michael Karns, Lucas Maehara Rotman, Geoff Matthews, Dirk Diamond, Alex Klages, Nate Gerry, Deborah Linden, Nadine de Macedo

01. No Time For Blues (03:39)
02. Blackout (03:48)
03. Quarterlife Blues (03:51)
04. High Noon (03:33)
05. Disco Blues (04:46)
06. How Are You? (04:12)
07. I'm Not Angry (03:07)
08. Hero (03:56)
09. Overjoyed (02:28)
10. Love Lasts Forever (02:38)
11. Rainy Sunday Afternoon (03:13)
12. Fit Right In (02:59)
Nadine de Macedo - Quarterlife Blues
My album "Quarterlife Blues" is about a crisis most young people in their 20s and 30s go through. In this age, you have to take important decisions and feel a bit insecure if things don't turned out the way you imagined. You can easily find yourself in the quarterlife crisis, when others have a better job, a stable relationship or successful hobbies. Take a deep breath to refuel. The "Quarterlife Blues" is about big decisions, regrets and new beginnings. Failure and hope are two sides of the same coin, that we turned into 14 songs in between blues rock, acoustic jazz and swing.

Thanks for participating on this huge project. It's been a lot of fun to work with you.

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Nadine de Macedo - Going My Way

Release Date: 01/07/2022
Genres: Pop, Rock, Metal, Progressive, Indie
Songwriting: Nadine de Macedo
Arrangement: Nadine de Macedo, Chad Lenig, I AM MEADOWS
Production: Nadine de Macedo
Instruments: Chad Lenig, Simon Ashby, Stephan Kösters, Chris Harris, Nadine de Macedo, Jason Challis, Robert Cooperider, Garrett Kirby, Alex Pinheiro, I AM MEADOWS, Stefan Hartl, DJ Clark, Rich Brewer
Programming: Nadine de Macedo, I AM MEADOWS
Vocals: Chad Lenig, Jordan Hirsch, David Taro, Gammafied, Michael Karns, Caitlin Sigler, Kelly Best, Roman Wreden, I AM MEADOWS, Christopher Matthew Smith, Kate Stanton, Rich Brewer
Lyrics: Nadine de Macedo, David Taro, Michael Karns, Kelly Best, Jason Challis, Nate Gerry, Christopher Matthew Smith

01. Wrench In The Works (03:40)
02. Pyromancer (03:03)
03. Fight For You (02:52)
04. Weight (03:47)
05. Going My Way (04:31)
06. Promises (03:41)
07. Angel In Jeans (03:46)
08. A.L.E.X. (04:07)
09. Don't tell me if it hurts (04:11)
10. Where does it end? (03:20)
11. At your command (04:03)
Nadine de Macedo - Going My Way
"Going My Way" is a wild ride through many different genres in between pop, rock and metal. We recorded this album as online collaborations with 23 musicians from all over the world. Every song has a different vibe, topic and band, so I strongly recommend to listen them all. I'm sorry that I lack of space listening everything in detail here. You can read the full cast and roles in the booklet or on the individual song pages.

Thank you so much for making a dream come true and collaborating. It's been a blast to work with you.

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Nadine de Macedo - Event Horizon

Release Date: 27/03/2021
Genres: Uplifting Trance, Hard Trance, Hard House, Dark Electro, Aggrotech, Acid Techno
Songwriting: Nadine de Macedo, Thunderstriker, step response, @tna-sphere
Arrangement: Nadine de Macedo
Production: Nadine de Macedo, Thunderstriker, step response, @tna-sphere
Programming: Nadine de Macedo, Thunderstriker, step response, @tna-sphere
Lyrics: @tna-sphere

01. Lightyears Away (06:47)
02. Beautiful (09:37)
03. Dissolving Sky (06:03)
04. Fruchtsäure (05:13)
05. Zombie (07:22)
06. All Hallow's Eve (03:44)
07. Dream of you (08:24)
08. Selective Memory (07:37)
09. Neotokyo (06:34)
10. Yesterday's Past (08:07)
Nadine de Macedo - Event Horizon
"Event Horizon" is my third studio album. Heavily inspired by cyberpunk science fiction movies, this album includes 10 tracks of finest dark hard trance, aggrotech and hard house instrumentals with a touch of uplifting trance, acid techno and orchestra. "Event Horizon" is about closing the chapter of electronic music. At least for a while.

I'd like to thank the co-producers and co-songwriters Thunderstriker, step response and @tna-sphere for their ideas and work on "Lightyears Away", "Zombie" and "Fruchtsäure". Thanks also to Felix, who shot the photo for the album cover. Not all songs are available on YouTube.

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The Verge -
Something you did not know

Release Date: 01/09/2020
Genres: Alternative Rock, Punk Rock, Pop Rock, Blues Rock
Songwriting: Horace D., Nadine de Macedo, ibzstrat, The Witness, Martin S., Martin B.
Arrangement: Nadine de Macedo
Production: Nadine de Macedo
Instruments: Horace D. (guitars, bass), ibzstrat (guitars, synthesizer), Nadine de Macedo (piano, synthesizer, bass)
Programming: Nadine de Macedo (synthesizer, bass, drums), ibzstrat (drums), Horace D. (drums)
Vocals: Horace D. (clean), The Witness (shouts)
Lyrics: Horace D., Nadine de Macedo, The Witness

01. Change Your Mind (03:01)
02. The walls are tumbling down (04:03)
03. Smash (vs. The Witness) (03:19)
04. Open ended cue (03:23)
05. Angel's Calling (03:40)
06. Turning back to you (04:14)
07. Haunted (03:41)
08. Let me go (04:30)
09. September (05:08)
10. Two Sunshines (05:02)
11. Walking through the pouring rain (04:47)
12. When I'm gone (03:42)
13. Something you did not know (03:40)
The Verge - <br>Something you did not know
The internet band The Verge wrote more than 12 songs in the past years. This alternative rock album includes some previously unreleased and brand new songs. You can download the album on The Verge's SoundCloud.

Thanks to everybody who helped and supported us. You can find the full credits in our booklet of in our discography.

Nadine de Macedo - When the sun goes down

Release Date: 03/02/2008
Genres: Epic Trance, Progressive Trance, Pop, Ballad
Songwriting: Nadine de Macedo, Near Encounter, Jan Martin
Arrangement: Nadine de Macedo
Production: Nadine de Macedo
Instruments: Robert Lindl (guitar), J. Foxtrott (guitar), Nadine de Macedo (piano, synthesizer)
Programming: Nadine de Macedo
Vocals: Alexa, Anna, Avane, Jan Martin, Melanie Krauß
Lyrics: Nadine de Macedo, Jan Martin, Avane

01. Darkness (Album Intro Edit) (05:13)
02. Breathing Rush (New 166km Mix) (06:08)
03. Adagio of Life (Club Mix) (06:49)
04. Autumnal (Nadine de Macedo Remix) (07:13)
05. Transitional (Original Mix) (05:02)
06. Tears and Rain (Vocal Mix) (07:17)
07. Sore (Nadine de Macedo Remix) (04:47)
08. Daylight means endeavour (03:35)
09. Coincidence (03:17)
10. Several Reasons (03:25)
11. What I've been missing (03:08)
12. Tears of Goodbye (04:53)
Nadine de Macedo - When the sun goes down
"When the sun goes down" is more than an album. It's a project where several people were involved. It was fun to work with you all. I would have never accomplished my second album without you and I am very proud of the result. The album contains nearly all songs which were written, remixed or produced in between 2005 and 2008.

Recording by Carsten G., Fabian S., Konstantin F.O., Alexa and Robert Lindl. Photography by Nadine de Macedo, Hendrik T. and Avane.

I'd like to thank all involved people for creating this wonderful project together with me. Recording in a professional studio has been an outstanding experience. I also like to thank all supporters, friends, you and everyone I forgot.

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