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    Writing songs in different genres

    What are the differences in songwriting and music production in electronic and handmade music? It is impossible to write about all differences and ideas of all genres, so I’d like to stick to the ones I have the most experiences: pop, rock, metal and edm – and everything in between. Read this article, if you want to know some thoughts of a versatile songwriter and producer, who came from electronic music and jumped into handmade music.

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    How many music genres have I tried?

    I have been asked quite a couple of times, in how many music genres I have tried to write songs. I call myself a multi-genre songwriter and composer for a reason, but it has been very hard to give a number. I decided to start a list with different examples that will be maintained regularly.

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    A remix in 36 hours

    The Israeli band Brownies handed in their song “Dancing” for the start-ab remix contest 2010. The special thing about this remix contest: You only have 36 hours to remix and produce a song in radio length. Read the story about one of the shortest remix contests of the world and how I approached that challenge.

  • Waveforms

    Fighting Loudness War

    The hardest part in music production is mastering – especially the dynamics and loudness. I’m here to stop loudness war. Let me show you what it’s about and what I decided to do against it.

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    Do you need a signature sound?

    A signature sound is a style an artist creates over the years. Most of the time, the singer dominates the sound of a band, but a signature sound can consist of rhythmic patterns, structures, melodies or sound design. It’s the sound that comes straight into your mind, when somebody speaks of a certain band or artist. Just the other way round, an artist with a signature sound can be easily recognized when played in radio stations. Let me share my thoughts.