• The Verge - Back In Town
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    The Verge is Back In Town

    Right after finishing Someone Else’s Song, my alternative rock internet band The Verge thought about our comeback. The title of our new song couldn’t have been more programmatic: Back In Town. It’s a self-deprecating punk rock / melodic hardcore song full of power and excitement.

  • Photo by Clint McKoy on Unsplash

    September – Songwriting and Arrangement

    The alternative rock song “September” of The Verge uses interesting songwriting and arrangement techniques. Each step was carefully planned. I would like to present them in this blog post. An exclusive insight to songwriting and music arrangement of alternative rock music.

  • Photo by Freestocks on Unsplash

    Let me go – Writing a song in a dream

    Have you ever heard about songwriting in dreams? In 2007, I dreamt about a rock concert of a fictional alternative rock / post grunge band called The Verge. Their song Let me go and stuck in my mind. In the next morning, I did my best to reproduce chords, lyrics and riffs of the song I dreamt of. This ain’t a simple task, if you never played guitar before.