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    Understanding song structures

    When I chit-chat with musicians, we talk a lot about melodies, lyrics and instruments, but we don’t talk about song structures. This is even more essential to keep the listener to the end or intentionally kick them out of their comfort zone. I wrote this article to explain some well-known structures and offer options for new ones.

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    My roles in music

    In the past months, I receive a lot of requests from talented musicians all over the world. Most of them result in awesome musical collaborations, but sometimes people seem to misunderstand my roles in music. I decided to write this blog post to explain what I do and what I don’t.

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    Writing songs in different genres

    What are the differences in songwriting and music production in electronic and handmade music? It is impossible to write about all differences and ideas of all genres, so I’d like to stick to the ones I have the most experiences: pop, rock, metal and edm – and everything in between. Read this article, if you want to know some thoughts of a versatile songwriter and producer, who came from electronic music and jumped into handmade music.

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    Why music arrangers are underrated

    When people talk about a song, they praise the vocalist or a great soloist. I barely hear people discussing songwriters, composers, lyricists and producers. But there is another underrated role: the arranger.

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    How many music genres have I tried?

    I have been asked quite a couple of times, in how many music genres I have tried to write songs. I call myself a multi-genre songwriter and composer for a reason, but it has been very hard to give a number. I decided to start a list with different examples that will be maintained regularly.