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    Changing the style of music

    I received a lot of e-mails and comments asking why I quit producing electronic music. The answer is not as easy, so I decided on writing a blogpost to explain what is the real idea behind changing my style of music.

  • Nadine de Macedo feat. David Taro - Fight for you
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    New song “Fight for you”

    Right after publishing my third studio album, I announced, that I will try out new styles of music. The first song of 2021 is called “Fight for you” and has been recorded and composed in an international collaboration. Let’s figure out, what made this song happen and how it sounds like.

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    Do you need a signature sound?

    A signature sound is a style an artist creates over the years. Most of the time, the singer dominates the sound of a band, but a signature sound can consist of rhythmic patterns, structures, melodies or sound design. It’s the sound that comes straight into your mind, when somebody speaks of a certain band or artist. Just the other way round, an artist with a signature sound can be easily recognized when played in radio stations. Let me share my thoughts.

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    The story behind “Event Horizon”

    I like to read and to listen to background stories. Therefore, I decided to post the background of my current album “Event Horizon”. What is the meaning of the title? Is it a concept album? Do certain songs have an interesting background? Let’s have a deeper look into the backgrounds.