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    Changing the style of music

    I received a lot of e-mails and comments asking why I quit producing electronic music. The answer is not as easy, so I decided on writing a blogpost to explain what is the real idea behind changing my style of music.

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    Do you need a signature sound?

    A signature sound is a style an artist creates over the years. Most of the time, the singer dominates the sound of a band, but a signature sound can consist of rhythmic patterns, structures, melodies or sound design. It’s the sound that comes straight into your mind, when somebody speaks of a certain band or artist. Just the other way round, an artist with a signature sound can be easily recognized when played in radio stations. Let me share my thoughts.

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    The story behind “Event Horizon”

    I like to read and to listen to background stories. Therefore, I decided to post the background of my current album “Event Horizon”. What is the meaning of the title? Is it a concept album? Do certain songs have an interesting background? Let’s have a deeper look into the backgrounds.

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    Writing an album in one month

    After writing plenty of songs in November and December 2020, a good friend asked me whether I could write a whole album in some weeks. He just kidded, but some weeks after a former music collaboration partner told me about FAWM (February Album Writing Month), I was triggered. Until then, I did not know that there are people all around the world who try to write an album in February with 14 songs in total. Challenge accepted!