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    Understanding song structures

    When I chit-chat with musicians, we talk a lot about melodies, lyrics and instruments, but we don’t talk about song structures. This is even more essential to keep the listener to the end or intentionally kick them out of their comfort zone. I wrote this article to explain some well-known structures and offer options for new ones.

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    AI in music production – A statement.

    It’s time to talk about something serious: artificial intelligence in music. I made up my mind, to which extent I would use, tolerate or deny the use of machine learning algorithms in composition and music production. A deep dive into the future of music.

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    My roles in music

    In the past months, I receive a lot of requests from talented musicians all over the world. Most of them result in awesome musical collaborations, but sometimes people seem to misunderstand my roles in music. I decided to write this blog post to explain what I do and what I don’t.