Nadine de Macedo feat. Intoyourlight - Dust
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Dust – Leaving things behind

“Dust” is a song about leaving things behind to enforce personal growth. It’s one of the fewer songs with a personal meaning, so I am very happy that a European team turned it into an awesome pop rock song.

I am very thankful to have learned the basic concepts of audio production in my electronic music days. After a few years, producing electronic music felt like a habit. Something I was great at, but couldn’t enjoy any more. I suddenly had the strong urge to write pop and rock songs, but I couldn’t finish most of them. I always felt like an ingredient was missing, but I never knew what. It took me years to realize, that I didn’t lack of talent or skill. I grew as a person, but stuck on old habits and concepts. My old songs became nostalgic and unachievable, but I there was no growth without leaving my well-worn path.

This is exactly the feeling, “Dust” is talking about. Pondering about your past, you can become blind to your present and the growth in between. This emotional dust has to be blown off the surface. Accept, that your previous decisions have been made from your former self with limited wisdom and possibilities. You cannot turn back time or use today’s experience to fix problems from yesterday. We decided to upload our song around New Year’s Eve, because we’re used to putting ourselves under pressure by resolutions that result from old behaviour.

Nadine de Macedo feat. intoyourlight - Dust
Nadine de Macedo feat. intoyourlight – Dust

Though written in an afternoon, “Dust” took nearly a year from draft to mastering. The song has been completely rearranged and turned out much more alternative rock than my initial draft. As usual, you can listen to the song on SoundCloud and YouTube. Thank you Seppo, Johnny, Berni and intoyourlight to be part of the project. You rock!

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