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    My roles in music

    In the past months, I receive a lot of requests from talented musicians all over the world. Most of them result in awesome musical collaborations, but sometimes people seem to misunderstand my roles in music. I decided to write this blog post to explain what I do and what I don’t.

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    Why music arrangers are underrated

    When people talk about a song, they praise the vocalist or a great soloist. I barely hear people discussing songwriters, composers, lyricists and producers. But there is another underrated role: the arranger.

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    Songwriting in modal scales – Part II

    Some years ago, I extended my songwriting skills by using other scales than major, minor and harmonic minor. I unintentionally wrote songs in dorian and lydian, that have a minor feel but use different notes. This year, I took it one step further and wrote songs in even weirder scales.

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    How many music genres have I tried?

    I have been asked quite a couple of times, in how many music genres I have tried to write songs. I call myself a multi-genre songwriter and composer for a reason, but it has been very hard to give a number. I decided to start a list with different examples that will be maintained regularly.

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    Songwriting techniques worth trying

    Do you have favourite techniques for songwriting? Some artists may develop a certain process to write songs more quickly. In this post, I’ll discuss different processes and methods of songwriting that may help you on how to write a song from scratch.