• Lemonbrew - Weitergehen
    Music,  Release


    Some months ago, Lemonbrew asked me for lyrics to set into music. We found “Weitergehen” (= continue, move on), one of the less German lyrics I wrote. The song is available on SoundCloud.

  • Nadine de Macedo, Ampersandman, Brett Anthony - Nuff Said
    Music,  Release

    Nuff Said – Everything’s been said

    Do you like nu metal? In case you thought it’s some old and forgotten music from the 2000s, it’s time to wake up. “Nuff Said” has catchy riffs, new sounds and a meaningful lyric. You have to listen to that song if you enjoyed “Where does it end?”.

  • Nadine de Macedo feat. David Taro - Quarterlife Blues
    Music,  Release

    Stuck in the Quarterlife Blues

    The quarter-life crisis is real. Young people who just have finished school or university, get their first job, long-term relationship or housing and keep on asking: Is this it?! Scared, lonely and utterly confused about which steps to take to adulthood, they are stuck taking important decisions on their life. That’s what our song “Quarterlife Blues” is about.