• Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

    A remix in 36 hours

    The Israeli band Brownies handed in their song “Dancing” for the start-ab remix contest 2010. The special thing about this remix contest: You only have 36 hours to remix and produce a song in radio length. Read the story about one of the shortest remix contests of the world and how I approached that challenge.

  • Nadine de Macedo - Event Horizon
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    Dark, electronic – “Event Horizon”

    If you like dark electronic music, you will enjoy my third studio album “Event Horizon”. It is available on Bandcamp and consists of ten progressive trance, hard trance, hard house and industrial songs. “Event Horizon” is just made for a grim science fiction film taking place in the deepest unknowns of space. Read this article, to understand what inspired me for this album.

  • Bild von Pixabay

    Adagio of Life – A melancholic trance tribute

    Adagio of Life is an epic trance tribute about the beauty of life and transience. I have written this epic trance hymn in 2005. This melancholic masterpiece contains a theme that consists of sixteen measures. Its background is very interesting since it intentionally reminds of the golden era of trance.

  • Nadine de Macedo - Dramatic Ocean
    Music,  Release

    Epic Trance Single Dramatic Ocean released

    On March 15th my 3rd single will be available on online stores. Dramatic Ocean is an epic trance song released by the German trance indie label Vectiva Recordings. Otto Uplifting created a powerful uplifting trance hymn, whereas Joseph Di Mind offers a liquid drum and bass remix. Previews will be presented at SoundCloud and Facebook in the upcoming days and weeks. Artwork by Nadine de Macedo and Vectiva Recordings. You can listen to my other songs in my discography of released singles.