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    Songwriting in modal scales – Part II

    Some years ago, I extended my songwriting skills by using other scales than major, minor and harmonic minor. I unintentionally wrote songs in dorian and lydian, that have a minor feel but use different notes. This year, I took it one step further and wrote songs in even weirder scales.

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    Songwriting techniques worth trying

    Do you have favourite techniques for songwriting? Some artists may develop a certain process to write songs more quickly. In this post, I’ll discuss different processes and methods of songwriting that may help you on how to write a song from scratch.

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    How to draw a check shirt

    Right after posting the cover of The Verge single “Back In Town” somebody asked me on Instagram, how to draw a check shirt. Since it will take a while until my speed painting is ready, I’d like to sketch how to draw plaids, tartan and stuff. While reading this post, you may also learn, why check shirts are so important in rock music and why these patterns are quite hard to draw.

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    Jaime Lannister on the Iron Throne

    [Advertising] Who has watched Game of Thrones? Have you already seen my speedpainting fan art of Jaime Lannister sitting on the Iron Throne? Well, the original video was 8 hours long, but after editing it sized down to 6 minutes. This short amount of time is not sufficient for explaining how this drawing was created. So let me discuss it here.

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    Songwriting in modal scales

    I have a natural aversion against music theory. I always thought, I could make it without understanding scales and cadences. But then I wrote my epic trance song The Awakening, which could not be fully explained in major or minor scales. Here comes a blog post about songwriting in modal scales, which is not too deep into music theory.