Nadine de Macedo stands for melancholic music with complex melodies and emotional lyrics. She is a composer, arranger, producer and lyricist of various styles of music in between pop, rock, metal, blues, progressive and electro. She has written and arranged music for a wide range of artists, from pop to heavy metal. Please check the subsequent pages to listen to various songs, remixes and projects she has been involved in.

Latest release

Nahlej, Nadine de Macedo, Simon Ashby, StevieJ - Heavy Jam

Release Date: 17/03/2023
Genres: Nu Metal, Rap Rock
Songwriting: Nahlej, Nadine de Macedo, Simon Ashby, StevieJ
Arrangement: Nadine de Macedo
Production: Nadine de Macedo
Instruments: Nahlej (guitars, bass), Simon Ashby (guitars)
Programming: Nahlej (drums), Nadine de Macedo (drums)
Vocals: StevieJ
Lyrics: StevieJ

01. Heavy Jam (04:07)
Nahlej, Nadine de Macedo, Simon Ashby, StevieJ - Heavy Jam
The song started a as jam session and became quite big. The lyrics are about drug abuse due to low self esteem and mental health issues. All thoughts running through the narrator's mind mind created a sticky heavy jam. Instead of tackling the issues, he prefers to numb the pain with meds and weed. This doesn't solve any problems, so better not try!

Big thanks to the band. It's been fun to work with you cause you all added your own mojo.

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