Nadine de Macedo stands for melancholic music with complex melodies and emotional lyrics. I am a multi-genre composer and producer of various genres in between pop, rock and electro. Besides of my main project, I contribute to my alternative rock internet band The Verge as composer, songwriter and producer.

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Nadine de Macedo feat. Michael Karns - Going My Way

Release Date: 21/07/2021
Instrumentalist(s): Robert Cooperider (drums, bass), Garrett Kirby (guitars), Nadine de Macedo (piano, synthesizer)
Genre(s): Indie Pop, Pop Rock
Producer(s): Nadine de Macedo
Songwriter(s): Nadine de Macedo
Singer(s): Michael Karns
Lyricist(s): Michael Karns

01. Going My Way (04:31)
Nadine de Macedo feat. Michael Karns - Going My Way
“Going My Way” is about overcoming turmoil and welcoming new beginnings. While at the same time stepping out into the unknown, and seeking another day while trying to stay above the storm clouds. It is emotional, and yet hopeful.

I'd like to thank all people involved in that collaboration: Michael Karns, Garrett Kirby and Robert Cooperider. It was a treat to work with you and to record this song.

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