Nadine de Macedo stands for melancholic music with complex melodies and emotional lyrics. I’m a composer, arranger, producer and lyricist of various styles of music in between pop, rock, blues, metal and electro. Please check the subsequent pages to listen to various songs, remixes and projects I’ve been involved in.

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Nadine de Macedo, David Taro, Kate Stanton - Fit Right in

Release Date: 03/10/2022
Genres: Pop, Ballad
Songwriting: Nadine de Macedo
Arrangement: Nadine de Macedo, David Taro
Production: Nadine de Macedo
Instruments: David Taro (piano)
Programming: Nadine de Macedo (strings), David Taro (strings)
Vocals: Kate Stanton, David Taro (background vocals)
Lyrics: Nadine de Macedo

01. Fit Right In (02:59)
Nadine de Macedo, David Taro, Kate Stanton - Fit Right in
"Fit Right In" is an anthem for the different. Meaningful lyrics paired with expressive pictures. Contrasts and contradictions turn things and people into something special.

I'd like to thank David for the emotional piano and helping me on the arrangement. Kate lend her wonderful voice and turned this song into something special. Thank you!

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