Nadine de Macedo stands for melancholic music with complex melodies and emotional lyrics. Starting with electronic music in 2004, I moved my focus towards pop and rock. Influenced by various styles of music, I have written, arranged and produced over 100 pieces of music, 70 remixes and 4 albums. Besides of my main project, I contribute to my alternative rock internet band The Verge as songwriter and producer. You can find a list of recommended songs here.

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Nadine de Macedo & Sebastian Schleicher feat. Rich Brewer - Remnants

Release Date: 22/05/2021
Instrumentalist(s): Sebastian Schleicher (guitars, bass, keys), Ben Ollig (drums), Nadine de Macedo (keys)
Genre(s): Progressive Rock, Alternative Rock
Producer(s): Sebastian Schleicher
Songwriter(s): Nadine de Macedo, Sebastian Schleicher, Rich Brewer
Singer(s): Rich Brewer
Lyricist(s): Rich Brewer

01. Remnants (04:57)
Nadine de Macedo & Sebastian Schleicher feat. Rich Brewer - Remnants
Here's a song from deep within the trenches of pandemic life, from across the Atlantic Ocean. A prog rock/metal symphony of heartbreak; a deep and melancholy musical journey. Composed and performed by German musicians Nadine de Macedo, Sebastian Schleicher and Ben Ollig, with lyrics and vocals written and performed by American musician Rich Brewer.
Drum recording by Sebastian Schleicher. Artwork by Nadine de Macedo and Rich Brewer, based on free stock images.

Thanks to all people who were part of this collaboration!

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