Nadine de Macedo feat. Caitlin Sigler - Angel In Jeans
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Angel In Jeans (Naviára Remix)

My 20th anniversary remix album will drop in a week. You can listen to the Naviára remix of “Angel In Jeans” on Bandcamp and YouTube now.

The lyrics of “Angel In Jeans” are about every day heroes who contribute something great to the society. The original song has been recorded with Caitlin Sigler and Garrett Kirby and is part of my album “Going My Way”. Now, Naviára turned this song into a dance pop / slap house version. You can listen to the song on YouTube since Friday. Thanks a lot to all people who have been involved in the project.

Please check out my two remix albums on Bandcamp, if you enjoy the music. You can purchase them as pre-order, add it to your wishlist or wait until it’s out. The albums will drop on May 31 and will be available as digial free pay-as-you-like downloads.

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