Nadine de Macedo - 20th Anniversary Remixes - Out Now
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Two remix compilations for the 20th anniversary!

Today, I’m celebrating my 20th anniversary of music production with two remix albums on Bandcamp. 30 producers from all around the world remixed 30 songs from my discography. Please take a listen!

As you may know, I’m a big fan of the remix culture. I love listening to songs and their remixes because I’m very curious about how other musicians understand them. I did many remixes for others, and I also receive many remix requests. This made me consider celebrating my 20th anniversary with a remix compilation instead of a best of album. Given a few restrictions, remixers were allowed to pick their own song and style. I just had to make sure that the original bands gave their consent and that all albums are evenly distributed. Another goal was to get all people into the boat, who supported me for 20 years, so I also added some older remixes. Now we have two albums with a total playing time of 2.5 hours.

Nadine de Macedo - 20th Anniversary Remixes - Out Now
Nadine de Macedo – 20th Anniversary Remixes – Out Now

You can download the albums exclusively on Bandcamp. A few remixers will promote their remixes to their fans and other portals, but my Bandcamp site is the only place where you can get ALL in the best quality, with a booklet and information. The album will be available for free-pay-as-you like. We are always happy for tips and reviews.

The Club Remixes

The first volume, “The Club Remixes” contains over one hour of house, techno, trance, synthwave and darkwave remixes that could be played in underground clubs.

The Radio Remixes

The second volume, “The Radio Remixes” is a bouquet of dance pop, lo-fi, pop, rock and jazz remixes, that will please your ears on good speakers in the living room or car.

Big thanks go to all remixers, the involved bands, labels and photographers who allowed us to publish the album. There will be a Bandcamp listening party tomorrow and the day after, where you can have a little chit-chat with me and the remixers. You can find the links on Bandcamp. We hope that you enjoy the remix compilation and look forward to more years of fruitful collaborations!

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