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How many music genres have I tried?

I have been asked quite a couple of times, in how many music genres I have tried to write songs. I call myself a multi-genre songwriter and composer for a reason, but it has been very hard to give a number. I decided to start a list with different examples that will be maintained regularly.

My comfort zone

Being a multi-genre songwriter is hard. You find inspiration everywhere, that you’re constantly dropped out of your comfort zone. Let’s talk, what is easy for me in different roles. Please note that some genres are in brackets, because I cannot enjoy them for personal reasons. This list is from May 2024.

As a producer / mixing engineer, I love moody, heavy and melancholic music. I enjoy hard drums, heavy guitar riffs and multiple styles of vocals. It’s easy for me to mix a dense arrangement with vocals, guitars, piano, bass and drums. I feel best doing:
Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock, Blues Rock, Punk Rock, (Electro House), (Hard Trance), (Epic Trance)

As a composer, I have tons of fun with heavy melancholic and complex music. I’m a big fan of weird chord progressions and modulations, which is best in progressive genres. But I also do pop music, when I’m allowed to escape the usual 4 chord scheme. I’m still taking a break from electronic music. I feel best doing:
Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Pop Ballad, (Progressive Trance), (Epic Trance)

As a lyricist, I enjoy writing heavy lyrics and diving into shady characters. I don’t mind strong language or complicated words. Storytelling ain’t my thing, so I have issues with country and singer-songwriter. My way to write is quite straight and direct – I am not a poet! I only write in English. I feel best doing:
Alternative Rock, Alternative Metal, Nu Metal, Pop Rock, Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock

My skills as an instrumentalist are inferior, so I have to rely on mid-tempo songs with easy progressions. I hope that I can catch up on that soon and try new genres. My playing is heavy, so don’t bother me with soft emotional songs. I feel best doing:
Pop Rock, Alternative Rock, Blues Rock

As a listener, I love heavy, fast, complex and melancholic music. This could be literally everything, but I don’t enjoy electronic dance music right now. I like listening to:
Djent, Metalcore, Progressive Metal, Nu Metal, Symphonic Metal, Folk Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Industrial Metal, Grunge, Stoner Rock, Indie Rock, Swing, (Aggrotech), (Future Pop), (Electro House), (Epic Trance), (Hard Trance), (Dubstep), (Trip Hop)

This is NOT for me – neither as listener, musician nor producer:
Experimental, Ambient, New Age, Synthwave, Schlager, Humppa, Retrowave, Future Bass, Hardstyle, Rave, Gabber, Future House, Classical (especially baroque), Neoclassical (exept metal), Bossa Nova, Latin, Free Jazz, Neurofunk, Baile Funk, Contemporary R&B (stuff in the 90s is good though), Mumble Rap, Funk, Reggae, Reggaeton, Danceholl, Grindcore, Speed Metal – And I’m not a fan of the 70s!

A brief overview

My list is very long, because I tried many genres. So I decided to write it down as a table. The left column is filled with an emoji, how I feel about trying this genre again. The digit tells the number of finished songs or remixes. Some songs are not online yet, which is why I wrote the numbers in brackets. The links go to YouTube, Bandcamp or SoundCloud, where you can listen to a sample.

How to interpret the emojis:
😄 = I love it and want to do more.
😊 = I will try again, when I have ideas.
😥 = I keep on trying, but I haven’t succeeded yet.
😔 = I gave up, because it doesn’t catch me (anymore)
😕 = Never again.


I started writing electronic music in 1998 and producing in 2003. I have tried over 30 subgenres of electronic music and figured out that my home base is trance. Most trance related genre were easy for me, but I struggled really hard in genres that need sound design or rhythm. Electronic music is in hiatus, because I don’t have fun listening, writing nor producing.

😕Acid Techno2Acid OrbitTechno made me shift my focus from melodies to sounddesign and automation. Though succeeding with two songs I don’t feel well in that genre.
😔Acid Trance4FruchtsäureHowever, combining acid techno with trance has been easier for me. Adding melodies is a game changer for me, but I won’t produce this genre on my own.
😊Aggrotech1All Hallow’s EveIt has been fun to produce this genre, but it was harder than expected. Whenever I have a simple melody, I will try again.
😕Ambient1AmbienceI’m not calm and patient enough to enjoy ambient and chill out. That’s not for me.
😕 Ballearic Trance1Yesterday’s PastI never planned to write something in this genre, because I don’t like it.
😕Big Room(1)tbaToday’s edm music is full of festival and big room. You need simple melodies and heavy drops. Both is a challenge for me, and I don’t really like it. But I’m working on a remix.
😔Chill Out2Deep HeartIt took a while to produce a chill out song. Same as ambient, the focus lies on sounddesign. I love the result, but I cannot imagine doing this all the time.
😕Classic Trance14World’s FutureAfter producing trance with the sounds of he 90s and 00s for 15 years, it’s getting boring. It has been very simple for me, but not again, please!
😕Dance6Hold Me TightStarting with dance music, I realized, that I shift towards trance. So I gave up after 3 years.
😕Deep House//Major props for sounddesigners. It is very hard to make textures, blips and cuts sound harmonic and cool. I lost my patience.
😕Dream House1MoonlightI often feel like dream house and classic trance a connected. I can produce this, but I don’t like to, because it’s closer to ambient.
😥Drum & Bass//Well, I was not able to program the charismatic beat with a simple bass. Maybe I try again someday, but not now.
😥Dubstep2/I like the hard wobble in dubstep, but I didn’t expect the synths to be so hard to program. Rhythmic issues followed. I succeed remixing something, but I am not allowed to upload.
😊Electro House5NeotokyoAfter leaving trance, electro house became my second home. I can go heavier and go crazy with the bassline. It’s a good style to remix, but songwriting is hard.
😥Electro Industrial1Liminal SpacesWell, I tried it a couple of times, but I had issues in sounddesign. This song definitely has some influence but isn’t pure industrial.
😥Electro Swing//Electro swing uses plenty of old samples with house beats. I am not a big fan of sampling, so I want to write the swing arrangement by myself. This is what makes this genre hard. I am still trying!
😄Epic Trance11Adagio of LifeI was so glad when I found that niche in trance music. My only possibility to write weird chord progressions and gigantic arrangements in electronic music. It’s still hard for me to write the orchestral part. On hiatus.
😕Goa Trance//It’s been okay to program arpeggios and bass, but I don’t feel goa and psy.
😊House2Lost LetterI never expected that house is connected to soul music. If you don’t feel it, you won’t create a cool groove. I need good vocals and loops to help me with the drums, otherwise it won’t groove.
😄Hard Trance7Dream of YouOh yes, I enjoyed rocking out! A genre I like to continue when I have simple melodies.
😊Indietronica4DystopiaIt’s never been my aim to connect pop with idm and trance, but I did a couple of these. And it worked. It’s nothing I could do intentionally.
😊Rock House2It Only Takes A MiracleI love rock – I love house – But getting a good riff is harder than expected. This may happen again whenever I have a cool riff – But only with real guitars, please.
😕Uplifting Trance25Breathing RushInstruments and melodies were just in my dna, but I cannot listen to this genre anymore.
😕Progressive Trance9Lightyears AwaySidechain compression made me produce this genre more often than expected. And I loved it. And now I don’t like it anymore.
😕Tech House3PromenadeThis has been very hard, because I have no idea of sounddesign. The songs I wrote here were just experimenting with knobs.
😕Tech Trance4TransitionalHowever, combining experimental techno with trance has been easier than house. But it’s nothing I’d do again.
😕Trap1WeightTrap is full of sounddesign. I didn’t succeed in writing a song, and ended up with a hybrid.
😊Trip Hop10Going NowhereThis seems to be my go to genre, when I try downtempo electronic music.

Pop & Hip Hop

I started composing and writing pop music in 2001, but only around 2005 I was able to collaborate and produce. I need vocalists and guitarists to realize these projects. This is why I see myself as composer, but I also produce and write lyrics. I love big arrangements and acoustic instruments.

😕Art Pop//What I like about art pop is the openess to weird scales and sounds. I tried it often, but I have trouble with sounddesign.
😊Ballad Pop6A.L.E.X.I usually don’t listen to ballads, but they are easy to write. I have a knack for melodramatic melodies.
😥Country//It is very tricky to get the country sound without banjo. I haven’t succeeded yet.
😥Contemporary RnB//The modern version of rnb is not my favourite genre, but I just had to try it. I wrote a beat and a chorus… and now I’m stuck.
😕Dance Pop2DancingIn the beginning of the 2000s, I listened to dance pop – but I don’t like to produce it. My melodies and harmonies are not happy enough. I enjoyed it more than pure dance.
😔Folk1I’m not angryPractising fingerpicking on the guitar helped me to understand folk music. It’s not my favourite though.
😔Future Pop1Perpetual MachineI succeeded in writing genre typical lyrics, but sounddesign is still too hard.
😊Gothic Pop1Seven Days To LiveDark, soothing, melancholic pop music with a bit of electro. Just my thing.
😔Hip-Hop3DarkerProgramming beats has been much harder than I expected. I wrote a couple of raps, but nobody was able to turn them into a song, so I trashed them. I won’t continue unless I have a great idea.
😊Indie Pop2Going My WayI never intended to try this but I liked it. Even more than folk.
😄Pop5PromisesWriting pop music is quite easy for me, but my tendencies go to adding a touch of rock. Pop with synthesizers and synthetic beats is hard for me.
😄Pop Punk5When I’m GoneI produced many songs in that direction, and also wrote lyrics, but I’m quite fresh to writing. More to come!
😄Pop Rock11Don’t tell me if it hurtsWhat I like about pop rock is the possibility to use simple hooklines in a rock arrangement. This genre is simple for me.
😊Trance Pop3Daylight Means EndeavourI will continue on this when I have more ideas.

Rock & Metal

Since 2006, I love writing rock music. After a couple of years, the connection to metal has been given. My guitar playing and singing is not good enough to record the song on my own, so I am dependent on other musicians. I am mostly composer and producer here.

😄Alternative Rock13HauntedAlternative rock became my second home genre. My songwriting has a lot of influence from grunge and pop. I love doing this.
😄Alternative Metal3Wrench In The WorksI never wanted to write some alternative metal, but I loved it. Now I’m planning more compositions that cannot be put into any specific subgenre of metal.
😊Classic Rock1Fight For YouListening to old classic rock music helps, but I just didn’t get the vibe. My first idea worked though!
😊Death Metal1PrincessI must admit that this one came naturally and was fun. I cannot play this on the guitar though.
😥Djent1Dorian GrayI love listening to djent, but composing this without alternate tuned guitars is hard. I’m so happy that we found a band to turn this wicked idea into a song.
😊 Folk Metal2PyromancerAnother genre, I didn’t plan and enjoyed. Medieval instruments are very inspiring. I don’t take myself serious but it’s fun to write. However, I need help on guitars.
😊Gothic Rock1tbaIt’s been fun to write lyrics in this direction, but it will take more time to write an instrumental. I’m on it!
😥Grunge//I thin it’s impossible to write grunge without playing electric guitar. It’s all about the noise, mess and aggression. I will try again, when I learned how to play.
😕Hardcore Punk//Hardcore punk is harder to write than punk rock because it’s very fast and has aggresive shouting. This is why I haven’t succeded in writing.
😥Indie Rock2Magnetic RoseBy adding these drum stems I pushed this song into an indie rock direction. However, I haven’t succeeded in writting a full indie rock song yet, but I’m working on it. Especially the guitars.
😥 Metalcore(1)tbaThis is something new for me. We are recording a draft, but it needs some time. Hope it works.
😕New Rave//Shortly after new rave has been born, I also had the idea to mix indie rock with rave. It is hard.
😄Nu Metal4Where does it end?Writing and producing nu metal is harder than alternative rock, but I’m trying to understand. Further songs in recording
😊Power Metal1Take The BlackThis one definitely got the heroic lyrics, the gallopping guitars and a lot of epicness. It’s been fun though it’s not my genre.
😥Rock’n’Roll1tbaWe’re about to finish a song… but I needed a proficient rockabily guitarist. I didn’t expect playing to be so hard!
😕Ska(1)The World’s Most Simplest ManWell, I never planned to be involved in a ska song but it just happened. It’s been fun to arrange the brasses, but it’s not my genre.
😥Stoner Rock(1)/“Wrench In The Works” has been written as a desert rock song, that turned into metal during recording. Does it count?
😊Symphonic Metal(2)tbaOne of the hardest genres to write songs is symphonic metal. Bombastic arrangements are fun, and we are working on them.
😕Synth Rock4Mr. TumbleweedComing from electronic music and enjoying rock music it’s been quite obvious that I try to mix it. But it is harder than I expected.
😊Progressive Rock1TruthAnother very complex genre has been progressive rock. I loved writing the harmonies, but I often end up doing metal.
😊Progressive Metal6At your commandSpeaking ot this, I wrote lots of badass songs that are recorded now. I loved doing this.
😄Post Grunge3Let Me GoWhen I try to write alternative rock, I often end up in post grunge. It’s hard to write, because I’m mostly a pianist, but I really like it. I hope I can go this way as guitarist asap.
😊Punk Rock(2)tbaIt’s been fun to write punk rock, but as a guitar beginner it’s hard to play. We’re working on two songs.

Blues & Jazz

I must admit, that I never came to the idea of writing blues and jazz. I barely listen to this music, but it catches my interest. The more I speak about it, the more I want to try and understand.

😕Acid Jazz//I found this genre some time ago and enjoy it. Wish I could write something like this, but it’s too hard.
😥Acoustic Jazz1Rainy Sunday AfternoonThis one happened quite unexpected, when I just let it flow. I hit the wall when I think about it.
😥Big Band(1)tbaThe brass arrangement and jazz harmonic are hard, but I’m working on something.
😔Boogie1No Time For BluesI completely underestimated how hard it is to play a boogie on the piano!
😊Blues2Disco BluesAfter a couple of years I start to get a rough idea about blues. I must admit that it is easier on the guitar than on piano, but it will take me some years to master.
😊Blues Rock3Quarterlife BluesIt took me a long while to dive into the blues, and it only happened when I got my own guitar.
😥Cool Jazz1Good Morning BluesI would have never tried it if I didn’t enter that collaboration. It been fun to jam along, but I cannot imagine being the lead instrument or composing everything on my own.
😊Dark Cabaret1Love Lasts ForeverThis was not planned and worked surprisingly well.
😕Funk//Sorry, the funk is not with me. It’s hard for me to feel this genre.
😕Fusion//Kudos to everyone who tries. Maybe I dip a bit into it in a collaboration, but no way I gonna start something on my own. The jazz background is too heavy.
😕R’n’B//Finding the right sounds is very hard for me. I get the groove and the vocal phrasing, but there is nothing nice I could show.
😥Soul1How Are You?Yes, I ended up writing something soulful. The name of this genre is right – You have to feel it!
😥Swing2HeroI love this kind of music, and after a few years, I finished something… but it is hard!

Other genres

There are some other genres that are not connected to modern music. I am sure that this is not the kind of music I want to write or produce.

😥Soundtrack1High NoonI accidentally turend this idea into a movie score, because of its dense atmosphere. I just feel like it’s not my genre, cause I cannot force it.
😥Symphonic(2)/I dived deep into orchestral arrangements to write better epic trance songs. Two orchester versions were created, but I am absolutely not contented with the sound and arrangement. However, that deep dive helped me to open my mind for writing symphonic metal.

Final words

Did you count along? No worries, if not, I succeeded writing and producing songs in roughly 40 genres. Most songs I produced were electronic dance music, but my songwriter soul is bored. Right now I feel best with rock and metal, but I lack of experience with guitar techniques. As instrumentalist, I have no idea where my journey may take me, but as songwriter I feel best in that region in between pop – rock – metal – electro.


  • Joseph Rubiano

    It’s interesting to know the amount of music genres you’ve produced and tried out, the journey of a unique artist that never stopped dreaming and always continues believing in music.

    Music has lots of different expressions, some of these expressions are quite complicated to interpret, some of them just don’t fit in our rhythm. But whatever the case, it’s always an escape to our non artistic routine through these artistic expressions called music!


    • Nadine

      Thank you so much! I agree to your words saying that you are not able to align to all rhythms and styles. I am happy that there are so many genres. Many things to discover!

  • Douglas Roossien

    I am simply a singer/writer who is developing his old and new music (no music theory experience whatsoever …) neve saw anyone play an instrument live until I was aound 20 in the Air Force . went to Nashville in 1988 to sell my songs for a week …came home dejected … thought this is not gonna work. (almost 25 years no playing or singing) so having a site like yours is very helpfull to learn many things I certainly overlooked. I love the completeness of your approach here …shows a great amount of reflection (saw you on soundcloud on a few friends sites …today

    • Nadine

      What a story! I’m happy you found your way back to music after all these years. I don’t think that music theory is mandatory. Musicality is mandatory. No matter which style, instrument or language, it’s all about the connection you have with music. Emotions and rhythms, that’s all!

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