Nadine de Macedo feat. Ramona Muhn - Like A Dream
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Like A Dream (CYBTRAXX Remix)

The promotion for my 20th anniversary remix album has begun! We start with CYBTRAXX’ remix on “Like A Dream”, which is a very exclusive and intensive piece of art.

“Like A Dream” has been one of my first electronic music productions. Max and Ramona approached me to write a song around lyrics and vocals. My original version is quite minimalistic, somewhere in between a acid techno rave and positive emotions.

CYBTRAXX turned my song into a dark and mysterious song, highlighting the thoughts in the lyrics, that are about a woman falling for another. This story is also reflected in the video:

Thanks a lot for remixing this song, and for being part of my 20th anniversary remix album, that will be available on Bandcamp, May 31. CYBTRAXX did many other remixes for me, feel free to check out his YouTube channel.

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