Nadine de Macedo - 20th Anniversary Remixes - Announcement
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Celebrating my 20th anniversary

In March 2024 it has been exactly 20 years ago, that I bought my first DAW and started to produce music. On top of that it’s been 25 years, that I started writing songs. I want to celebrate this anniversary with a special release end of May.

Most artists and bands would be all in for releasing a bundle of the whole discography or a best of album. I am not a fan, as it doesn’t contain any new material, especially if it’s a digital release. In November 2023 I had that crazy idea of compiling an album full of remixes, because I receive plenty remix requests. When I asked my collaborators and guest musicians to give their consent for a remix many of them decided to join the party. So I decided that my 20th anniversary album will be a BIG houseparty of all the people I met. We ended up with 30 remixes and 2.5 hours of material.

The album will drop on May 31 as double digital release on Bandcamp. If you don’t want to miss it, follow me on social media or on Bandcamp.

Most remixes are fresh, but you may also come across some classics. Some songs will be uploaded on the remixer’s social media profiles, some not. I don’t want to reveal the tracklisting today, but you will listen to some songs very soon.

Thanks for all the talented producers and arrangers, who joined the party. And thanks also to the collaborators and guest musicians for giving the consent.

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