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Previously unreleased remixes

During September, I uploaded some previously unreleased remixes of my songs on my YouTube channel. This blogpost explains some additional details.

Neotokyo (Der Makrophag Remix)

The Austrian music producer Der Makrophag turned my song “Neotokyo” from the album “Event Horizon” into a dystopic club tune. Japanese world music meets psytrance and goa. You can listen to the remix on YouTube and SoundCloud. Further works of this artist are available on his SoundCloud.

Nadine de Macedo - Neotokyo (Der Makrophag Remix)
Nadine de Macedo – Neotokyo (Der Makrophag Remix)

Dramatic Ocean (Joseph Rubiano Bootleg)

Joseph Rubiano is a Columbian music producer who focussed on liquid and soulful drum’n’bass. He established his label Behind The Sun Recordings and remixed my song “Dramatic Ocean” recently. You can listen and download it via YouTube, SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

Nadine de Macedo - Dramatic Ocean (Joseph Rubiano Bootleg)
Nadine de Macedo – Dramatic Ocean (Joseph Rubiano Bootleg)

The Awakening (Terry Sykes Remix)

You may know this name from the tracklist of my first single “Lost Letter”, where he handed in a festival edm remix. For “The Awakening” he created another excellent blend of epic trance, soundtrack and festival edm that you can listen on my YouTube channel

Nadine de Macedo - The Awakening (Terry Sykes Remix)
Nadine de Macedo – The Awakening (Terry Sykes Remix)

The Awakening (Mr. Mo Beat’s Wake Up Remix)

Mr. Mo Beat remixed my Epic Trance song into a rather calm and minimalistic electro song. If you like experimental electronic beats, you may enjoy his remix a lot. You can also find it on YouTube.

Thank you so much for remixing my songs and being part of this project. Proper thanks also to Vectiva Recordings for giving me the rights to upload the unreleased remixes in the internet.

If you ever feel like remixing, contact me via mail or social media. Of course, I have to talk to all parties involved, but most of the time it’s not a problem unless it’s not for commercial purposes. For commercial business, I have to talk to the labels first. I am a big fan of remixes, and I enjoy promoting them. I also have a YouTube Playlist for your works.

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