Kate Stanton & Nadine de Macedo - Deep Heart
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Listen to your “Deep Heart”

Earlier than expected, I’m back with fresh music. Kate Stanton and I release our song “Deep Heart”, as its message is important in times of stress and chaos. We hope that this song will soothe you and help to find your inner peace.

“Deep Heart” is a song about healing your heart space. This music conveys the need to stay rooted. To feel and heal. Taking a moment to breathe into the present moment and breathe out unforgiveness. Making the space to forgive, to heal, to grow. Kate Stanton co-wrote the song and lend her beautiful voice and lyrics. She couldn’t think of a better instrument to convey that resilience than the Armenian duduk, so Sean Pádraig recorded a real one for us. Diving into downtempo and trip-hop really helped me to come into a meditative state. Thank you for giving me the chance to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. As usual, you can listen to our song on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Kate Stanton & Nadine de Macedo - Deep Heart
Kate Stanton & Nadine de Macedo – Deep Heart

Please take a deep look into my YouTube channel these days. I am uploading plenty of great previous unreleased and brand-new remixes for those who like electronic music of all kind. And I promise that there will be even more fresh music this year!

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