Nadine de Macedo & StevieJ - Monsieur Lovin
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Monsieur Lovin – Or, how to make things right

After working on “Heavy Jam” earlier this year, StevieJ and I decided to work on another song soon. I experimented with a 90s R&B beat.

StevieJ wrote the lyrics, rapped and sang about a go-getter, who wants to be in a relationship. Thus, “Monsieur Lovin” was born, a fictional character that is an allusion to a famous American movie of the 2000s. My beat has been inspired by the 90s R&B classics. As I barely have experience with R&B and hip-hop music, it’s been quite challenging to produce a beat, but I am very happy with the result!

Nadine de Macedo & StevieJ - Monsieur Lovin
Nadine de Macedo & StevieJ – Monsieur Lovin

To avoid interruptions of my album promotion, we decided to upload “Monsieur Lovin” on StevieJ’s SoundCloud first. Now you can listen to the song on my YouTube channel and my SoundCloud account too! Have fun – fresh music will come soon 🙂

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