Nadine de Macedo feat. Dirk Diamond
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Oh, sings The Wind

A catchy phrase from my newest song, “The Wind”. This ballad has been written in a random collaboration with the Australian musician and lyricist John Nicholson, and performed by me and Dirk Diamond. A very reflective and dark song about death.

I’m all in for new ways to collaborate with people all over the world. In Summer 2022 I joined a random collaboration, where I have been given lyrics. The genre, composition and phrasing has been completely up to me, and I heard a power ballad. Being a guitar beginner, it took me half a year to learn the song, but I am very proud that I managed some good takes. Dirk offered me to do a way better job on the vocals then I could ever do. Thank you so much, you were a great team!

Nadine de Macedo feat. Dirk Diamond
Nadine de Macedo feat. Dirk Diamond

Lyrically, this song is very sombre and pensive. I thought of it as facing death and realizing that it is inevitable. Still, the leaves carry a hopeful message of becoming a part of nature and rebirth. The cover image is inspired by the lyrics, and we are very proud of the result. As usual, you can check it out on YouTube and SoundCloud.

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