Nadine de Macedo feat. Gammafied - Weight
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“Weight” off your shoulders

“Weight” is just completely the opposite of my songwriting. Say hello to a positive and bold piece of modern pop music. I’d rather say it’s a mix of pop, rock, r’n’b and trap. Its sound is as unusual and fresh like its background story.

Some months ago, I entered a songwriting challenge. Gather all elements you dislike and compose a song. I do not like sub-basses, trap hi hats, EDM synthesizers and songs with three chords – but the combination rocks. “Weight” became one of my favourites, because it is a fresh approach on instrumentation and songwriting. Gammafied’s unique voice and Jason’s rock guitars were just the icing!

“Weight” and its meaningful pair of lyrics impersonifies the dark happiness of a spy film. Do not put up with everything, dare to say no, be bold and drop that weight off your shoulders. I hope you’ll enjoy the song and gain self-consciousness to fulfil your dreams.

You can listen to that song on YouTube and SoundCloud.

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