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Dark, electronic – “Event Horizon”

If you like dark electronic music, you will enjoy my third studio album “Event Horizon”. It is available on Bandcamp and consists of ten progressive trance, hard trance, hard house and industrial songs. “Event Horizon” is just made for a grim science fiction film taking place in the deepest unknowns of space. Read this article, to understand what inspired me for this album.

Dark, yet haunting, “Event Horizon” fires a heavy load of harsh electronic beats. After producing epic trance and pop house for over 10 years, it was time to create something new. My inspiration came due to the collaborations with @tna-sphere and step response. My deep dive into sound design led to a technoid sound, that sets the stage for dark electro, hard trance and hard house songs. Another sources of inspiration were science fiction films, especially cyberpunk.

Event Horizon YouTube Preview
Event Horizon YouTube Preview

“Event Horizon” is an astrophysical term that describes the boundary of information. Everything behind the event horizon cannot be seen, spotted or affect the observer. The title has also an interesting literal meaning: leaving things behind without having the slightest idea what will follow. I will leave electronic music for a while to make room for brand-new vibes. There will be new music in 2021. Guess which genre will follow next.

By the way: Bandcamp is the only place where you can download the album in CD quality. If you support me there, you can also download a printable copy of the artwork. Some songs are also available on YouTube or SoundCloud.

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