Nadine de Macedo & Christopher Matthew Smith - Under
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Under – Odd and heavy

Goodbye, Autumn blues – We are back to heavy music. This progressive metal song is not for the faint-hearted. Another headbanging tune.

February 2022. When I teamed up with Christopher to write some prog metal, we unintentionally wrote two songs on the same day. You may know “At Your Command” from my album “Going My Way” – And the other song I wrote that day is called “Under“. Both songs are written in odd meters and have plenty of meter changes. It’s been fun to work on drumming patterns in 8/8 and 6/8 and phrasing the melodies.

Christopher did an excellent job writing lyrics to my moody composition. We are super lucky that Robert joined as guitarist and bassist. His indie rock and punk rock influenced style just gave the song the rough heaviness it needed. Lyrically, “Under” describes a person in a mental emergency. How would it feel like to be unconscious to the outside world, but awake and alert inside? Would it be terrifying seeing the world fall apart in front of you, and losing control?

Nadine de Macedo & Christopher Matthew Smith - Under
Nadine de Macedo & Christopher Matthew Smith – Under

We are very pleased to show you the result of an awesome collaboration. The song turned out heavier than my initial draft. I had a hard time mixing, because these guitars and screams made me bang my head! You can find the song on SoundCloud and YouTube. More heavy music will follow soon!

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