I AM MEADOWS - Sleepless
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“Sleepless” with I AM MEADOWS

Dull thoughts during the night-time meet alternative rock music. Can you escape your lament? Where should you go to in the middle of the night? A new song with I AM MEADOWS can tell you more about that.

Today, I’d like to present a new song where I have been involved as lyricist and arranger. “Sleepless” is a song written, recorded and produced by I AM MEADOWS. It is a music project from northern Germany consisting of a songwriter and producer. We not only share our passion for music but our mission on writing songs independently of genres and conventions.

While listening to the sketch on “Sleepless”, lyrics and melody came right into my mind. Distant thoughts turning oneself into a maelstrom of soredom. Escaping into dreams. This deep felt melancholy was just right for this instrumental. We re-arranged the song, shortened it a bit and added a special flavour.

You can stream “Sleepless” at the Bandcamp profile of I AM MEADOWS. Feel free to listen to it, if you love alternative rock and desert rock.

P.S. The lyrics are fiction. We’re doing well!

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