Nadine de Macedo - Princess
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This Princess ain’t somebody to mess with!

Happy women’s day! I usually don’t write political songs, but after the lyrics of “Princess” it’s been crystal clear that there’s no better release day than March 8.

The lyrics are written from the view of a princess who suffers under role conflicts. Born in a respectable and wealthy family she is forced to live the life of a princess: behave well, dress well, find a partner, be a representative, fit into a hierarchy etc. which is possibly not the way she want to live. You can easily transfer this historical picture into today’s society, where women are still expected to dress, behave and act in a certain way.

Musically, I have never been so clear about the choices of instruments and genre. The haunting harpsichord represents the baroque upper class society, where it’s been one of the less instruments that were allowed to play by women. Contrasting this with heavy guitars brings it to modern age and highlights the idea of a neoclassical metal ragequit.

Nadine de Macedo - Princess
Nadine de Macedo – Princess

We are very proud that this song has been recorded by an international and diverse team. Each of us added a special flavour to the song. Thanks to Peter for the drums, Rin for the bass and J.P. for the guitars. Special thanks also to y.ersinia who shot the photo after some brainstorming. As usual, you can find the song on SoundCloud and YouTube.

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