Nadine de Macedo - Going Nowhere
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Going Nowhere – A song prompt that led somewhere

In February, I wrote a song based on a prompt. It’s been an interesting exersize to write a song within an hour. The draft took 40 minutes, but I needed 3 more hours for mixing and production. Here is the result.

The prompt “Going Nowhere” felt right, cause I’ve been struggling with a creative block. For many months I’ve been working on many old projects in parallel, occassionally I tried to extend an old 8-bar loop. Often it feels like my music is going nowhere. This time I set on the piano and played some chords. The recording has been chopped and build the basis of the song. I did the same with the drum loop. If you listen closely you will hear that beginning and end are nearly identical. There is only one different note.

Nadine de Macedo - Going Nowhere
Nadine de Macedo – Going Nowhere

It took me a while to upload the song on SoundCloud and YouTube, but here we go. “Going Nowhere” is one of the b-sides that I wanted to show you. Right now I’m working on a big bunch of songs for Summer.

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