Nadine de Macedo feat. David Taro - Fight for you
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New song “Fight for you”

Right after publishing my third studio album, I announced, that I will try out new styles of music. The first song of 2021 is called “Fight for you” and has been recorded and composed in an international collaboration. Let’s figure out, what made this song happen and how it sounds like.

A guessing game

For the sake of fun, I posted the cover of the song first and asked my followers on Instagram about the genre and mood. These were the answers given:

  1. Aggrotech?!
  2. Hard Rock. That’s why there are boxing gloves.
  3. Definitely not a ballad.
  4. Hardstyle
  5. Handmade music, dunno what exactly.

It’s interesting how many people associated me with electronic music. Before giving the answer, you can listen to “Fight for you” on SoundCloud. This song is about fighting for love, but it is definitely not a ballad!! My idea for the cover was a box fight, but that stock photo of that young man in the boxing ring – who doesn’t look like a boxer at all – impressed me much. The choice of the fonts was done on purpose.

The story behind the song

One day I had a guitar riff in my mind and these words “fight for you”. I don’t know why they came into my mind, but I just let my creative juices flow. I did not take care of scales, harmonies and structure this time. It has been a good idea, because the structure of this song is completely new to me and leaves space for improvisation.

While composing the riffs and structures, I was sure that the bass had to groove. Chris listened to my raw composition and wanted to play something on his Chapman Stick. I haven’t heard of that instrument before – and fell in love after I listened to some songs. So that’s how it looks like:

Chapman Stick (Wikipedia)
By User Mperry on en.wikipedia – Originally from en.wikipedia; description page is (was) here, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The Chapman Stick is an instrument with 8 to 12 strings. It’s part of the guitar family, something like a guitar, bass and percussion in one instrument, which can be played with the fingers, a plectrum or even a bow. We used this instrument as bass, and it grooved a lot. Right after this recording, guitarist Simon added some blues guitar riffs. At the same time, I listened to Davids songs and fell in love with his rasp voice. He said “yes” to my request and wrote some lyrics.

Some years ago, I could not imagine writing a classic rock song reminding of the 60s. Some of you may know that my main influences are the 2000s, so I barely have an idea of classic rock. Fantastic ideas bring fantastic people together. If everyone has the chance to add his or her special flavour, cool things can happen. I learned a lot about classic rock from the 60s and 70s!

“Fight for you” is exclusively online at SoundCloud. As this one will be part of my next studio album the download is disabled for now. You may find the album close to the end of this year, I hope. Thanks to Chris, Simon and David for making this song happen. You guys rock!

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