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2022 – A year full of music

It’s like to thank you for an awesome year full of music. I surpassed all my goals! Let’s take a look what happened this year and what could happen in the future.

Releasing my 4th studio album!

A sudden loss of creativity can hit every artist pretty badly. I haven’t written any songs in between 2017 and 2020 and thought about stepping back from music. Fortunately, your support this and last year helped me to overcome my struggle by changing my attitude towards music. I learned to embrace the fact that I am a songwriter who cannot force the genre I’ll write next.

Nadine de Macedo - Going My Way

I released my 4th studio album, “Going My Way” in July. It contains all songs I wrote and produced in 2021 plus “A.L.E.X.”, a song that took me 15 years to finish. Special thanks to all collaboration partners for all the co-writers, recordings, lyrics, mixing ping-pongs and chit-chats. I still cannot believe that some songs had over 1000 listens and 100 comments. You are a blast! I have been flabbergasted to receive remix requests, compilation requests and radio plays from all around the world.

No regrets and no return!

Meandering through different genres, teaming up with people and learning a new instrument helped me a lot to grow as a songwriter and musician. I have been very amazed by positive comments about my lyrics, though I never considered myself a lyricist. I spent a lot of time writing tabs and sheet music. Finally, I bought some recording equipment to record my guitar and other kind of noises, as I have not been fond of the quality of my previous takes. 2022 has been incredibly productive, releasing one song per month. You can listen to all of them on YouTube.

All songs I released in 2022

Next year, I want to proceed the same way. We have plenty of songs and collaborations in recording. If possible, I will try to record some tracks on my own. Listen to some good old friends, brand-new talents, radio ready tunes and genres you’d never expect from me.

Contributing to other songs

Being mainly a composer and producer, I have a hard time recording instruments for others. This year I managed to spice up some arrangements, write lyrics or do some acting. It’s been fun to try to collaborate in different roles. If you haven’t heard the results yet, I strongly recommend checking the contributions section. Here, I list songs where I am involved as songwriter or composer.

Songwriting hiatus

After releasing the album, I received plenty of requests for co-writes and collaborations. I want to team up with you so badly, but I realized that I reached my capacity limits. Now it’s time to finish off my plate. Unfortunately, there is no other way but a songwriting hiatus to be in charge of the situation again. I am sorry that I have to turn down any request on co-writing and remixing until my pile sized down a bit. If you want to help me with recordings, please take a look into the list of collaborations. In future, I will fill it with new projects or missing roles. Monthly updates are planned!

Back to illustration?

In 2022, my focus has been music. I lacked of time to draw something, so the only illustration has been the cover of “Disco Blues“. I hope that I can draw more next year, or at least participate in some random draw this your style challenge, that I enjoyed a lot.

Social media growth

Numbers are just numbers, but sometimes it’s worth taking a look into them. I finally reached 100 followers on YouTube and picked the handle @nadinedemacedo. My growth on SoundCloud has been extraordinary. Starting with a 100 people, I reached 400. I still recommend following me on Facebook as it’s the only platform where I am able to share videos, links and text. I am not on Twitter and TikTok.

I’m quite happy how 2022 turned out and hope that 2023 will be an excellent year. Best wishes and happy holidays!

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