Nadine de Macedo & Lucas Maehara Rotman - How Are You?
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How are you, my dear old friend?

Some songs come straight from the heart. Without plan, with no reason, just telling a story you cannot put into words. This has been the situation on my new ballad “How are you?”. The title says it all.

I have been very concerned about a friend in January and February. Introverts often step back and try to solve problems on their own. But after 3 months without any call or mail, I have been very worried. I picked up the phone, but I lacked of words. Magic happened, when I sat down on my synthesizers and jammed something. I composed a very emotional and complex song completely outside my comfort zone. I finally found the strength to call my friend, and I was super lucky that he picked up and said that he’s been alright.

When I uploaded the draft, Lucas has been instantly inspired to write lyrics expressing the words I didn’t have in that particular situation. He read my mind, though we never met and live 4000 miles apart. Robert recorded a super tight drum groove, which helped Rich to groove a great bassline and record guitars. You all did an awesome job in this collaboration across the pond. It’s a top-notch song in a completely different direction for all of us! Thanks for being part of that project – you’re amazing!

Nadine de Macedo feat. Lucas Maehara Rotman - How are you?
Nadine de Macedo feat. Lucas Maehara Rotman – How are you?

Listen to “How are you?” on YouTube or SoundCloud. The song will be part of an album I haven’t planned yet.

Happy Holidays!

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