Nadine de Macedo & Jordan Hirsch - Take The Black
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Take The Black – Epic medieval folk metal

When I wrote “Pyromancer” at the beginning of 2021, I could never have guessed finding a band for fantasy and medieval inspired folk metal in a few hours. The very same band decided to record a successor called “Take The Black”. Are you ready for an epic folk metal fight?

Everything started on my classical guitar while playing arpeggios. I suddenly had the urge to include bagpipes into a song. Suddenly, I remembered Jordan‘s words about “Pyromancer“. He said, this song reminds him of medieval villagers fighting with forks and shields against an evil tyrant. Why don’t we just turn this idea into a song? While Jordan focussed on lyrics and vocal melody, I continued with the instrumental. After a few days this song turned into a 6-minute epic including a bagpipe, an acoustic guitar, a heavy metal band and an orchestra. “Take The Black” turned into the biggest arrangement yet written. Musically and lyrically, we were inspired by fantasy role play games and novels.

We asked Stephan and Simon to join us, as they worked with us on “Pyromancer”. I am happy that they both helped us with bass and electric guitars. Tom joined us as lead guitarist, adding a flawless and epic solo. We had to adapt the key and tuning to make it playable on a real bagpipe. However, we didn’t find a guest musician, so we continued recording with virtual instruments instead.

You can listen to our song on YouTube and SoundCloud. We are very pleased for your comments and like and hope that enjoyed some epic medieval metal music!

Nadine de Macedo & Jordan Hirsch - Take The Black
Nadine de Macedo & Jordan Hirsch – Take The Black

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