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12 random facts about me – part 2

It’s been a year that I left 12 random facts in my blog. So It’s time to answer new questions. Thanks for your interaction on social media.

  1. When I design covers for my music, I care a lot about matching the expectations of the musical genre. I love trying different styles every time.
  2. I produce music since 2003. Wow, that’s almost 20 years!
  3. Every song is tailored for the artists. Sometimes we change the genre during recording, if other techniques and styles are more appropriate for the team. Writing down my draft, I have no idea how the song will turn out.
  4. Growing up with manga, I am not able to draw it.
  5. Most of my lyrics are fiction.
  6. Until 2019, my website has been programmed by myself.
  7. I already listened to metal, when I was producing electronic music.
  8. My songs are written in visions and not while jamming or trying chords.
  9. I cannot perform most of my own songs. I spend most time with figuring out how to write a performable version of this song in hope that somebody else records it.
  10. I spend 1-2 hours per week on YouTube and other video platforms. This is why I have so much time for creating content.
  11. My blog is written in English and translated to German later. It’s easier to translate from English to German than the other way round.
  12. I enjoy and write nearly all styles of music, but I lack of interest for ambient, soundscapes, classical and experimental music

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