The Verge - Someone Else's Song
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Someone Else’s Song – A new ballad from The Verge

The alternative rock internet band The Verge returns with a brand-new song. As some of you may know, we have tried a lot of genres, but Someone Else’s Song is our first pop rock ballad. Time to close that gap!

The story behind “Someone Else’s Song”

In Someone Else’s Song the narrator was not able to foresee the signs of a breaking relationship. Instead, he tried to be somebody else and forgot his needs. This song deals with the inner struggle, when you get to know the new partner of your ex.

Lyrics and melody came directly into my mind while playing some chords. This song could not have been as pleasant without the riffs, licks and chords of the guitarists ibzstrat and Horace. As in all previous The Verge songs, Horace lends his charismatic voice. I’d like to thank you for the excellent cooperation!

As usual, you can listen and download our song at SoundCloud, Reverbnation or Myownmusic. I am proud, that The Verge has interpreted a pop ballad in its very own way.

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