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New album “Going My Way”

After 1.5 years of hard work, my album “Going My Way” has been released on Bandcamp today. We have written and recorded 11 songs in between pop, rock and metal in international collaborations. You can download it in several formats exclusively on Bandcamp.

After releasing “Event Horizon” in March 2021, I did not expect to write or produce music. Of course, I did not even expect to write a multi facetted album with 23 musicians all over the world. We have covered all styles of music except for electro, and I am very honoured and pleased to have finished such a huge project. Thanks to all participants for bringing me back to music and motivating me. “Going My Way” opens a new chapter as a songwriter – and I love how natural it feels.

You can buy and download my album “Going My Way” exclusively on Bandcamp. Pay as you like and get your stuff as wac, flac or mp3. The total playing length is roughly 45 minutes, but you receive a digital booklet, printable inlays for a jewel case and a bonus track. You can listen to a preview on YouTube.

Going My Way YouTube Preview
Going My Way YouTube Preview

Thanks for participating in this huge project. You’re the best!

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