Nadine de Macedo & Berni Armstrong - No Time For Blues
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No Time For Blues

A blues song about being broke. Or a song about a blues musician, who literally has no time for blues? It’s up to you. I didn’t expect this one to grow into an international jam session, and it’s been fun.

The song started as a jam session based on my piano track. I searched for a guitarist and vocalist to add some new elements. When I started this song I had no idea how to play boogie, so I just followed my intuition. I also have no idea, why this idea has been called “No Time For Blues”, but I am happy that Berni Armstrong took the title to witty sociocritical lyrics. The band literally found itself, because we got requests from guitarist Jussi Nyk√§nen, multi-instrumentalist Andrew Russell (playing double bass) and saxophonist Alex Almirall. You may have heard some of these names from my songs “Dust” or “Good Morning Blues”.

We are very proud how this song turned out. None of us expected it to be a mix in between rock’n’roll, boogie and blues, but we enjoyed the collaboration a lot.

Nadine de Macedo & Berni Armstrong - No Time For Blues
Nadine de Macedo & Berni Armstrong – No Time For Blues

Right after comping the first recordings, we decided that “No Time For Blues” will not only be a single on SoundCloud and YouTube, but the opener of my album “Quarterlife Blues”. Freshly mastered, with additional songs and hidden tracks you can find our album on Bandcamp. We would be very happy if you take a deep listen and maybe purchase it.

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