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Seven Days to Live – A journey into Gothic Pop

Have you ever asked, what are the lyrics of Seven Days To Live about? Are they about a person who is waiting for ever? Is Seven Days To Live just a Gothic Pop song about a broken-hearted person? What is the real story behind that song?

You may interpret the lyrics in several ways, but there is a captivating story behind that. This song is a hommage to a fictive gothic rock band called Viscious Square, which is part of my comic Be Yourself. Viscious Square are known for their melandramatic songs and their use of shocking imagery. Their lyrics deal with death, grief, loss, self-hatred and despair. This band is an overly commercialised and thoroughly produced version of themes, that were inspired from the gothic scene. Nevertheless, the real gothic scene dissociates from this content since its mise-en-scène is lacking authenticity.

While drawing this comic, I asked myself how Viscious Square would sound alike. Therefore I produced Seven Days To Live, one of their calmer songs. I stumbled across the band Heartsbane, who had some elements of the sound I had in my mind. They write and produce melancholic gothic pop with a touch of rock. We recorded Seven Days To Live. Of course, this song does not exactly sound like I imagined, because Heartsbane singer Marinka is a sopranist, while Viscious Square singer Matt was intented to be a tenor. I enjoy our outcome though.

Nadine de Macedo feat. Marinka - Seven Days To Live
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I will explain the idea behind Viscious Square in an upcomming post.

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