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    The story behind “Event Horizon”

    I like to read and to listen to background stories. Therefore, I decided to post the background of my current album “Event Horizon”. What is the meaning of the title? Is it a concept album? Do certain songs have an interesting background? Let’s have a deeper look into the backgrounds.

  • Nadine de Macedo - Event Horizon
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    Dark, electronic – “Event Horizon”

    If you like dark electronic music, you will enjoy my third studio album “Event Horizon”. It is available on Bandcamp and consists of ten progressive trance, hard trance, hard house and industrial songs. “Event Horizon” is just made for a grim science fiction film taking place in the deepest unknowns of space. Read this article, to understand what inspired me for this album.

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    Writing an album in one month

    After writing plenty of songs in November and December 2020, a good friend asked me whether I could write a whole album in some weeks. He just kidded, but some weeks after a former music collaboration partner told me about FAWM (February Album Writing Month), I was triggered. Until then, I did not know that there are people all around the world who try to write an album in February with 14 songs in total. Challenge accepted!

  • The Verge - Back In Town
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    The Verge is Back In Town

    Right after finishing Someone Else’s Song, my alternative rock internet band The Verge thought about our comeback. The title of our new song couldn’t have been more programmatic: Back In Town. It’s a self-deprecating punk rock / melodic hardcore song full of power and excitement.