• Bild von Pixabay

    Adagio of Life – A melancholic trance tribute

    Adagio of Life is an epic trance tribute about the beauty of life and transience. I have written this epic trance hymn in 2005. This melancholic masterpiece contains a theme that consists of sixteen measures. Its background is very interesting since it intentionally reminds of the golden era of trance.

  • Dark Vektor Fanart by Nadine de Macedo

    Dark Fan Art Jonas and Martha

    [Advertising] After watching the third season of Dark on Netflix, I had to draw a fan art of Jonas Kahnwald and Martha Nielsen. In this post, I will present my artwork and tell, why Dark is a science fiction series I will never forget.

  • Photo by Freestocks on Unsplash

    Let me go – Writing a song in a dream

    Have you ever heard about songwriting in dreams? In 2007, I dreamt about a rock concert of a fictional alternative rock / post grunge band called The Verge. Their song Let me go and stuck in my mind. In the next morning, I did my best to reproduce chords, lyrics and riffs of the song I dreamt of. This ain’t a simple task, if you never played guitar before.